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Abie Volunteer Fire DepartmentAbie402-543-2413 M S H

Adams Rural Fire DepartmentAdams402-988-4795 M S H

Ainsworth Volunteer Fire DepartmentAinsworth402-387-0433 M S H

Albion VFDAlbion(402) 395-6947 M S H

Alda VFDAlda(308) 384-6372 M S H

Allen-Waterbury Fire and RescueAllen402-635-2141 M S H

Alliance Fire DepartmentAlliance(308) 762-2151 M S H

Alma Volunteer Fire & RescueAlma(308) 928-2147 M S H

Ansley Volunteer Fire DepartmentAnsley(308) 935-1733 M S H

Arapahoe Fire and Rescue DepartmentArapahoe(308) 962-7605 M S H

Arcadia Volunteer Fire DepartmentArcadia(308) 789-6647 M S H

Arlington Volunteer Fire & Rescue DepartmentArlington(402) 478-4163 M S H

Arnold VFDArnold(308) 848-2713 M S H

Arthur County RFDArthur(308) 764-2000 M S H

Ashland Fire DepartmentAshland(402) 944-7004 M S H

Ashton Fire and RescueAshton308-738-2369 M S H

Auburn Volunteer Fire DepartmentAuburn402-274-3517 M S H

Aurora Volunteer Fire DepartmentAurora402-694-3855 M S H W

Avoca RFD #5Avoca(402) 275-3345 M S H

Axtell Rural Fire District #4Axtell(308) 743-2601 M S H

Bancroft Rural Vol. Fire Protection Dist.Bancroft100-100-1000 M S H

Banner County Fire DepartmentHarrisburg(308) 436-5271 M S H

Barley RFDCody(402) 823-4334 M S H

Battle Creek VFDBattle Creek(402) 675-8010 M S H

Bayard Volunteer Fire DepartmentBayard308-586-1320 M S H

Beatrice Fire & RescueBeatrice(402) 228-5246 M S H W

Bee VFDBee(402) 643-2542 M S H

BEEMERBEEMER402-528-3473 M S H

Belden Rural Fire DepartmentBelden402-985-2200 M S H

Belgrade Vol. Fire Dept.Belgrade308-357-1238 M S H

Bellevue Volunteer Fire DepartmentBellevue402-293-3153 M S H W

Bellwood VFDBellwood(402) 538-2003 M S H

Belvidere Fire DepartmentThayer402-768-6139 M S H

Benkelman Rural Fire DepartmentBenkelman308-423-2540 M S H

Bennington Volunteer Fire & RescueBennington(402) 238-2727 M S H

Big Spring Volunteer Fire DepartmentBig Spring000-000-0000 M S H

Bladen Volunteer Fire DepartmentBladen(402) 756-1420 M S H

Blair Vol Fire DeptBlair402-426-4262 M S H

Bloomfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentBloomfield(402) 373-2925 M S H

Blue Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlue Springs402-645-8290 M S H

Boelus Fire DeptBoelus M S H

Bradshaw Fire DepartmentBradshaw402-736-4638 M S H

Brady Rural Fire DepartmentBrady(308) 584-3513 M S H

Brainard Volunteer Fire & Rescue DeptBrainard(402) 545-2701 M S H

Brewster Rural Fire DistrictBrewster(308) 547-2249 M S H

Bristow Volunteer Fire DepartmentBristow(402) 583-0040 M S H

Broadwater Volunteer Fire DepartmentBroadwater308-489-5585 M S H

Broken Bow Rural Fire District #1Broken Bow308-872-6424 M S H

Broken Bow Volunteer Fire DepartmentBroken Bow308-872-6424 M S H

Brownville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrownville402-825-6091 M S H

Bruno Rural Fire DepartmentBruno402-543-2345 M S H

Brunswick VFDBrunswick(402) 842-2543 M S H

Burchard Volunteer Fire DepartmentBurchard(402) 865-6105 M S H

Bushnell-Johnson VFDBushnell(308) 673-5284 M S H

Butte VFDButte(402) 775-2222 M S H

Byron Volunteer Fire Dept.Byron402-236-8761 M S H

Cairo Volunteer Fire DepartmentCairo(308) 485-4400 M S H

Callaway Rural Fire DepartmentCallaway308-836-2898 M S H

Campbell Rural Fire DistrictCampbell402-756-8385 M S H

Campbell Volunteer Fire DepartmentCampbell000-000-0000 M S H

Carleton VFDCarleton(402) 356-4011 M S H

Carroll VFDCarroll(402) 585-4556 M S H

Cedar Bluffs Suburban Fire & RescueCedar Bluffs(402) 628-5495 M S H

Cedar Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentCedar Creek402-234-7856 M S H

Cedar Rapids Volunteer Fire DepartmentCedar Rapids(308) 358-0180 M S H

Central City Volunteer Fire DepartmentCentral City308-946-2412 M S H

Ceresco Volunteer Fire & Rescue DepartmentCeresco402-665-2227 M S H

Chadrow Volunteer Fire DepartmentChadrow(308) 432-0521 M S H

Chapman Fire & RescueChapman(308) 986-2282 M S H

Chappell Volunteer Fire DepartmnetChappell(308) 874-3210 M S H W

City of Lincoln Fire DepartmentLincoln402-441-8350 M S H W

City Of McCook Fire DepartmentMcCook(308) 345-5710 M S H

City of Papillion Fire Rescue DepartmentPapillion(402) 339-8617 M S H W

City of Stanton- Fire Dept Stanton VolunteerSTANTON402-439-2119 M S H

Clarks VFDClarks(308) 548-2412 M S H

Clarkson Fire DeptClarkson(402) 892-3216 M S H

Clatonia Fire DepartmentClatonia402-989-5195 M S H

Clay Center Volunteer Fire DepartmentClay Center402-762-3432 M S H

Coleridge Volunteer Fire DepartmentColeridge(402) 283-4464 M S H W

Colon VFDColon(402) 647-4455 M S H

Columbus Rural Fire Protection DistrictColumbus402-564-8127 M S H

Comstock RFPDComstock(308) 628-4290 M S H

Concord Rural Fire District, Village of ConcordConcord402-584-2327 M S H

Cook Rural Fire DistrictCook(402) 864-7881 M S H

Cordova VFDCordova000-000-0000 M S H

Cortland Volunteer Fire-RescueCortland402-798-7711 M S H

Cozad Volunteer Fire and RescueCozad308-784-3051 M S H

Craig Fire DistrictCraig402-377-2643 M S H

Crawford VF&RCrawford(308) 665-2855 M S H

Crofton VFDSt Crofton(402) 388-4635 M S H

Curtis Fire DeptCurtis(308) 367-5408 M S H


Dalton VFDDalton(308) 377-2422 M S H

Dannebrog Volunteer Fire DepartmentDannebrog308-226-2246 M S H

David City VFDDavid City(402) 367-3530 M S H W

Dawson Rural Fire DepartmentDawson402-855-4655 M S H

Deshler Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeshler402-365-7750 M S H

DeWitt Volunteer Fire DeparmentDeWitt(402) 683-5025 M S H

Diller RFDDiller(402) 793-5380 M S H

Dixon Fire and RescueDixon(402) 584-2245 M S H

Dorchester VFDDorchester(402) 946-4641 M S H

Douglas VFDDouglas(402) 799-2800 M S H

Dubois Volunteer Fire DepartmentDubois402-859-4765 M S H

Duncan Volunteer Fire DepartmentDuncan402-897-3975 M S H

Dwight VFDDwight(402) 566-4745 M S H

Eagle Fire RescueEagle(402) 781-2745 M S H

Eddyville Volunteer Fire DepartmentEddyville(308) 858-4410 M S H

Edison VFDEdison(308) 927-2335 M S H

ELBA FIRE & RESCUEELBA(308) 863-2166 M S H

Elgin Fire DepartmentElgin402-843-2170 M S H

Elkhorn Suburban Fire DepartmentElkhorn(402) 289-4422 M S H W

Elsie Volunteer Fire DepartmentElsie308-228-2358 M S H

Elwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentElwood308-785-2035 M S H

Emerson Volunteer Fire DepartmentEmerson(402) 695-2431 M S H

Ericson Volunteer Fire and RescueEricson(308) 653-3176 M S H

Eustis Volunteer Fire DepartmentEustis(308) 486-4951 M S H

Exeter VFDExeter(402) 266-3331 M S H

Fairbury RFDFairbury(402) 729-3761 M S H

Fairmont Volunteer Fire DepartmentFairmont(402) 366-4553 M S H

Falls City Volunteer Fire DepartmentFalls City402-245-4422 M S H

Farnam Rural Fire DepartmentFarnam308-569-2403 M S H

Farwell Volunteer Fire/RescueFarwell(308) 336-3402 M S H

Filley RFDFiley(402) 662-0107 M S H

Firth Rural Fire DistrictPanama(402) 788-2520 M S H

Fordyce VFDFordyce(402) 357-3386 M S H

Fort Calhoun Fire & RescueFort Calhoun(402) 468-5861 M S H

Franklin Volunteer Fire DepartmentFranklin308-424-3000 M S H

Fremont Fire DepartmentFremont402-727-2688 M S H

Fremont RFDFremont(402) 727-4369 M S H

Friend VFDFriend(402) 947-4222 M S H

Funk Rural Fire DeptFunk(308) 263-2851 M S H

Garland Volunteer Fire DepartmentGarland(402) 588-2233 M S H

Geneva Volunteer Fire DepartmentGeneva(402) 759-4346 M S H

Genoa Volunteer Fire DepartmentGenoa(402) 993-2200 M S H

Gering Volunteer Fire DepartmentGering(308) 436-2441 M S H

Gibbon Volunteer Fire & RescueGibbon308-468-6118 M S H


Glenvil VFDGlenvil(402) 771-2572 M S H

Gordon Rural Fire Protection DistrictGordon308-282-1568 M S H

Grand Island Fire DepartmentGrand Island308-385-5444 M S H

Grand Island Rural Fire DepartmentGrand Island(308) 382-8451 M S H

Grant VFDGrant(308) 352-2499 M S H

Greeley VFDGreeley(308) 428-2545 M S H

Greenwood Volunteer Fire & RescueGreenwood(402) 789-3360 M S H

Gretna Volunteer Fire & RescueGretna(402) 332-3337 M S H

Guide Rock Volunteer Fire DepartmentGuide Rock402-257-3885 M S H

Hadar Volunteer Fire DepartmentHadar(402) 371-0134 M S H

Haigler Volunteer Fire DeptHaigler(308) 297-3311 M S H

Hallam Volunteer Fire & RescueHallam402-787-2235 M S H

Hampton FIre & RescueHampton(402) 725-3282 M S H

Hardy VFDHardy(402) 279-2115 M S H

Hartington City & Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentHartington(402) 254-7209 M S H

Harvard Volunteer Fire DepartmentHarvard(402) 772-2013 M S H

Hastings Fire DepartmentHastings(402) 461-2350 M S H W

Hastings Rural Fire DistrictGlenvil402-463-8834 M S H

Hayes County Rural Fire ProtectionHayes Center(308) 286-3319 M S H

Hebron Fire DepartmentHebron(402) 768-6910 M S H W

Henderson VFD RescueHenderson(402) 723-4260 M S H

Herman Volunteer Fire DepartmentHerman402-456-7444 M S H

Hershey VFDHershey(308) 368-5500 M S H

Hickman Rural Fire Protection DistrictHickman(402) 792-2815 M S H

Hildreth Rural Fire Protection DistrictHildreth308-938-2471 M S H

Homer Volunteer Fire and RescueHomer(402) 698-2342 M S H

Hooper Fire DistrictHooper402-654-2336 M S H

Hoskins Fire DepartmentHoskins(402) 565-4444 M S H

Howells Volunteer Fire DepartmentHowells(402) 986-1313 M S H

Hubbell Rural FPD 11Hubbell402-3244 M S H

Humboldt VFDHumboldt(402) 862-2172 M S H

Humphrey Fire & RescueHumphrey(402) 923-1701 M S H

Imperial Volunteer Fire DepartmentImperial(308) 882-4192 M S H

Irvington Volunteer Fire DepartmentOmaha(402) 571-0451 M S H

Ithaca Vol. Fire DepartmentIthaca(402) 623-4323 M S H

Jansen Fire DepartmentJansen000-000-0000 M S H

Johnson RFDJohnson(402) 868-3975 M S H

Juniata Rural Fire Protection DistrictJuniata(402) 984-0601 M S H

Kearney Volunteer Fire DepartmentKearney(308) 233-3226 M S H W

Kenesaw Volunteer Fire DepartmentKenesaw402-752-3456 M S H

Keystone-Lemoyne Fire & RescueKeystone(308) 726-2671 M S H


La Vista Fire and RescueLa Vista(402) 331-4748 M S H W

Lamar RFDChampion(308) 882-4983 M S H

Laurel RFDLaurel000-000-0000 M S H

Lawrence VFDLawrence(402) 756-7472 M S H

Lexington Volunteer Fire DeptLexington308-324-2317 M S H

Lincoln Fire DepartmentFirth402-441-8350 M S H W

Lindsay Volunteer Fire & RescueLindsay402-428-2034 M S H

Linwood Volunteer Fire & RescueLinwood(402) 666-5515 M S H

Lisco VFDLisco(308) 772-3386 M S H

Long Pine VFDLong Pine(402) 273-4120 M S H

Loomis VF&RLoomid(308) 876-2323 M S H

Louisville Fire & RescueLouisville(402) 234-7605 M S H

Loup County Fire DepartmentTaylor000-000-0000 M S H

Lyman Volunteer Fire DepartmentLyman308-787-1444 M S H

Lynch VFDLynch(402) 569-3496 M S H

Lyons vol fireLyons(402) 687-2323 M S H

Madison VFDMadison(402) 454-2135 M S H

Madrid Volunteer Fire DepartmentMadrid308-326-2227 M S H

Magnet VFDMagnet000-000-0000 M S H

Malmo Fire DeptMalmo(402) 642-5658 M S H

Manley Fire DepartmentManley402-234-4962 M S H

Marquette Volunteer Fire DepartmentMarquette(402) 854-2522 M S H

Martinsburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentMartinsburg402-945-2421 M S H

Maywood Vol. Fire Dept.Maywood(308) 362-4299 M S H

Maywood-Wellfleet RFDWellfleet(308) 963-4494 M S H

Mead Volunteer Fire & RescueMead(402) 624-3610 M S H

Merna Fire DepartmentMerna(308) 643-2311 M S H

Miller Rural Fire Protection DistrictMiller308-457-2145 M S H

Minatare-Melbeth Fire & RescueMinatare308-783-2763 M S H

Minden Fire DepartmentMinden(308) 832-0448 M S H

Mitchell VFDMitchell(308) 623-1523 M S H

Monroe Volunteer Fire Rescue DeptMonroe(402) 795-4010 M S H

Morse Bluff Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorse Bluff(402) 666-5583 M S H

Murdock Volunteer Fire DepartmentMurdock(402) 867-3401 M S H

Murray Fire & RescueMurray(402) 235-2492 M S H


Nebraska Air Guard Fire DepartmentLincoln(402) 309-1523 M S H

Nebraska City Volunteer Fire DepartmentNebraska City402-873-3579 M S H

Nehawka RFDNehawka000-000-0000 M S H

Nelson Volunteer Fire DepartmentNelson(402) 225-4401 M S H


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Nemaha Rural Fire Protection DistrictNemaha402-824-6385 M S H

Newcastle Volunteer Fire & RescueNewcastle000-000-0000 M S H

Newman Grove Fire DepartmentNewman Grove402-447-2400 M S H

Newport Volunteer Fire DepartmentNewport402-244-5208 M S H

Nickerson Volunteer Fire & RescueNickerson(402) 721-8222 M S H

Norfolk Fire DivisionNorfolk(402) 644-8741 M S H


North Loup Rural Fire Protection DistrictNorth Loup308-496-4244 M S H

North Platte Fire DepartmentNorth Platte (308) 535-6761 M S H

North Platte Regional Airport / Fire DepartmentNorth Platte(308) 532-1900 M S H W

Oakdale VFDOakdale(402) 776-2505 M S H

Oakland Vol. Fire DepartmentOakland(402) 685-5480 M S H

Oconto VFDOconto(308) 858-4444 M S H

Odell Vol. Fire and RescueOdell(402) 766-3610 M S H W

Ogallala Volunteer Fire DepartmentOgallala(308) 284-4553 M S H W

Ohiowa RFDOhiowa000-000-0000 M S H

Omaha Fire & RescueOmaha(402) 444-5700 M S H W

ONeill Volunteer Fire DepatmentONeill(402) 336-3034 M S H

Ong Rural FPDOng(402) 284-2219 M S H

Ord VFDOrd(308) 728-5771 M S H

Orleans Fire DepartmentOrleans(308) 473-3100 M S H

Osceola Volunteer Fire DepartmentOsceola402-747-3473 M S H

Osh Kosh VFDOsh Kosh(308) 772-3668 M S H

Otoe Volunteer Fire DepartmentOtoe402-265-2069 M S H

Overton Volunteer Fire DepartmentOverton(308) 987-2433 M S H

Oxford Volunteer Fire/RescueOxford(308) 824-3527 M S H

Page VFDPage(402) 338-5901 M S H

Palmer Fire DepartmentPalmer308-894-3445 M S H

Palmyra Fire Dept.Palmyra(402) 780-5390 M S H

Pawnee City Fire DepartmentPawnee City402-852-2779 M S H

Paxton Fire & rescuePaxton(308) 239-4241 M S H

Pender Volunteer Fire and RescuePender402-385-2525 M S H

Peru VFDPeru(402) 876-4265 M S H

Petersburg Vol.Fire & Rescue, Volunteer FirePETERSBURG402-386-5491 M S H

Pilger Volunteer Fire & Rescue DepartmentPilger402-396-3563 M S H

Plainview Volunteer Fire Department & EMS DivisionsPlainview(402) 582-4219 M S H W

Platte Center Rural Fire DistrictPlatte402-246-3208 M S H

Plattsmouth Fire DepartmentPlattsmouth(402) 296-5041 M S H

Pleasanton Volunteer Fire DepartmentPleasanton308-388-2076 M S H

Plymouth Fire DepartmentPlymouth(402) 656-3700 M S H

Polk VFDPolk(402) 765-2931 M S H

Ponca Hills Volunteer Fire DepartmentOmaha(402) 453-6656 M S H

Ponca Volunteer Fire & RescuePonca(402) 755-2781 M S H

Prague Fire DeptPrague(402) 663-4844 M S H

Primrose Rural Fire District #5Primrose308-850-1322 M S H

Ralston VFDRalston(402) 331-5369 M S H

Randolph Volunteer Fire DepartmentRandolph(402) 337-1312 M S H

Raymond Fire DeptRaymond(402) 783-3251 M S H

Red Cloud VFDRed Cloud(402) 746-2215 M S H

Redwillow Western FPDMcCook(308) 345-7674 M S H

Republican City Vol Fire & RescueRepublican City(308) 799-4075 M S H

Reynolds Fire DeptReynolds M S H

Rising City Fire DeptRising City(402) 542-2430 M S H

Riverton VFDRiverton(402) 746-2442 M S H

Rosalie Fire and RescueRosalie402-863-2272 M S H

Roseland Volunteer Fire DepartmentRoseland000-000-0000 M S H

Rulo Volunteer Fire DepartmentRulo(402) 245-2440 M S H

Rural Fire Protection District #6Holdrege308-995-8141 M S H

Ruskin VFDRuskin000-000-0000 M S H

Salem VFDSalem M S H

Sandhills Fire and RescueHyannis(308) 458-2763 M S H

Sargent Rural Fire DistrictSargent308-527-3333 M S H

Schuyler Fire DepartmentSchuyler(402) 352-5407 M S H W

Scotia Rural Fire Protection DistrictScotia(308) 245-3310 M S H

Scottsbluff Rural Fire DepartmentScotts Bluff308-632-1654 M S H

Scribner Volunteer Fire DepartmentScribner402-664-3400 M S H

Seward VFDSeward(402) 643-3811 M S H

Shelby Rural Fire DepartmentShelby402-527-5414 M S H

Shelton Volunteer Fire and Rescue DepartmentShelton(308) 647-6772 M S H

Shickley VFDShickley(402) 627-2075 M S H

Shubert Volunteer Fire DepartmentSHUBERT(402) 883-2666 M S H

Sidney Volunteer Fire DepartmentSidney308-254-2880 M S H

Silver Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentSilver Creek308-773-2477 M S H

South Sioux City Volunteer Fire Dept., (NEBR)South Sioux City(402) 494-7508 M S H W

Southeast RFDLincoln(402) 483-6769 M S H

Southwest Rural Fire DistrictLincoln(402) 423-0230 M S H W

Springview Fire & RescueSpringview(402) 497-3855 M S H

St Paul VFDSt Paul(308) 754-4483 M S H

Stamford RFDStamford(308) 868-2243 M S H

Stapleton Rural Fire Protection DistrictStapleton308-636-2661 M S H

Steele City-Endicott RFD #7Steele City(402) 442-2248 M S H


Stella Rural Fire DeptStella(402) 883-2444 M S H

Superior Volunteer Fire DepartmentSuperior402-879-3328 M S H

Sutherland Volunteer Fire DepartmentSutherland308-386-2331 M S H

Swanton Volunteer Fire DepartmentSwanton402-448-2425 M S H

Syracuse Volunteer Fire DepartmentSyracuse(402) 269-2455 M S H

Talmage Community Fire DeptTalmage(402) 264-2945 M S H

Tamora Volunteer Fire Department Inc.Seward(402) 523-5845 M S H

Tecumseh Volunteer Fire DepartmentTecumseh(402) 335-3146 M S H


Thedford VFDThedford(308) 645-2561 M S H

Thurston Vol. Fire and RescueThurston(402) 385-3180 M S H

Trumbull Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentTrumbull402-743-2311 M S H

Uehling Volunteer Fire DepartmentUehling(402) 567-2597 M S H

Ulysses Fire and Rescue DepartmentUlysses(402) 549-2348 M S H

Unadilla Volunteer Fire and RescueUnadilla(402) 828-4805 M S H

Union Volunteer Fire DepartmentUnion402-263-3830 M S H

Upland Vol Fire DEPARTMENTUpland(402) 756-8823 M S H

Valentine VFDValentine(402) 376-1700 M S H

Valley Fire & Rescue DeptValley(402) 359-5552 M S H

Valparaiso VfdValparaiso(402) 784-3090 M S H

Venango Vol FDVenango(308) 447-5592 M S H

Verdigre Volunteer Fire DepartmentVerdigre(402) 668-2824 M S H

Verdon Rural Fire DepartmentVerdon000-000-0000 M S H

Village of Boys Town, Department Fire RescueBoys Town(402) 498-1115 M S H


Volunteer Fire Dept.Winslow402-654-2428 M S H

Waco VFDWaco(402) 728-5271 M S H


Wakefiled VF&RWakefield(402) 287-2574 M S H

Wallace Rural Fire DistrictWallace308-387-4534 M S H W

Walthill RFDWalthill000-0000 M S H

Wauneto VFDWauneta(308) 394-5408 M S H

Wausa VFDWausa(402) 586-2272 M S H

Waverly Volunteer Fire DepartmentWaverly(402) 786-3055 M S H W

Wayne Volunteer Fire and Rescue DepartmentWayne(402) 375-1122 M S H W

West Point Volunteer Fire DepartmentWest Point402-372-3146 M S H

Western Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentWestern(402) 433-2180 M S H

Weston Volunteer Fire DepartmentWeston(402) 642-5359 M S H W

Wilcox Volunteer Fire DepartmentWilcox(308) 478-5499 M S H

Wilsonville/Hendley RFDWilsonville(308) 349-4344 M S H

Winnebago VFDWinnebago(702) 878-2505 M S H

Winside VFDWinside(402) 286-4815 M S H

Wisner VFDWisner(402) 529-6616 M S H

Wolbach Fire and RescueWolbach908-246-5290 M S H

Wood River Fire and RescueWood River(308) 583-2541 M S H W

Wymore Volunteer Fire & Rescue Dept.Wymore402-645-3311 M S H

Wynot Fire DeptWynot M S H

York F.D.York402-363-2610 M S H

Yutan Volunteer Fire DepartmentYutan(402) 625-2273 M S H W


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