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Aberdeen Fire & RescueAberdeen(605) 626-7048 M S H

Aberdeen Rural Fire Protection DistrictAberdeen(605) 229-4823 M S H

Academy Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlatte605-726-3133 M S H

Agar Fire DeptAgar M S H

Alcester VFDAlcester(605) 934-2720 M S H

Alexandria VFDAlexandria(605) 239-4767 M S H

Alpena Fire DepartmentAlpena605-849-3535 M S H

Amour Fire DeptAmour M S H

Andover Volunteer Fire DepartmentAndover(605) 298-5299 M S H

Ardmore Fire DistrictArdmore605-459-2200 M S H

Argyle Volunteer Fire DepartmentCuster605-673-5823 M S H

Arlington Volunteer Fire DepartmentArlington(605) 983-5251 M S H

Artesian Volunteer Fire DepartmentArtesian(605) 527-2630 M S H

Ashton Fire DeptAshton(605) 472-1907 M S H

Astoria Volunteer Fire DepartmentAstoria605-832-3351 M S H

Aurora Fire DepartmentAurora605-693-3525 M S H

Avon Fire DepartmentAvon000-000-0000 M S H

Baffalo Gap VFDBuffalo Gap(605) 833-6831 M S H

Baltic Volunteer Fire DepartmentBaltic(605) 529-5960 M S H

Batesland VFDBatesland M S H

Bath Fire DeptBath M S H

Belle Fourche Volunteer Fire DepartmentBelle Fourche605-892-6237 M S H

Belvidere VFDBelvidere(605) 344-2377 M S H

Beresford Fire and RescueBedesford605-763-2400 M S H

Big Stone City Fire DeptBig Stone City(605) 862-8211 M S H

Bison Volunteer Fire DepartmentBison(605) 244-5253 M S H

Black Hawk Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlack Hawk605-787-6415 M S H

Bonesteel Volunteer Fire DepartmentBonesteel000-000-0000 M S H

Box Elder Volunteer Fire RescueBox Elder(605) 923-1224 M S H W

Brandon Fire DeptBrandon(605) 582-3232 M S H

Brandt Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrandt100-100-1000 M S H

Brentford Fire DepartmentBrentford(605) 887-3402 M S H

Bridgewater Fire DepartmentBridgewater605-729-2259 M S H

Bristol Fire DepartmentBristol000-000-0000 M S H

Brookings Fire DeptBrookings(605) 692-6323 M S H

Brownsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeadwood(605) 578-1556 M S H

Bruce Fire DepartmentBruce605-627-5323 M S H

Bryant Volunteer Fire DepartmentBryant100-100-1000 M S H

Buffalo County Rural Fire Protection District 1Gann Valley000-000-0000 M S H

Buffalo Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuffalo605-375-3106 M S H

Burke VFDBurke(605) 775-2555 M S H

Camp Crook Volunteer Fire DepartmentCamp Crook605-797-4466 M S H

Canova Fire DepartmentCanova100-100-1000 M S H

Canton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCanton(605) 764-5126 M S H

Cascade Fire DepartmentHot Springs(605) 745-4511 M S H

Castle Rock Vol. Fire Department., FDID 15003Newell605-866-4466 M S H

Castlewood Fire DeptCastlewood(605) 793-2331 M S H

Cavour Volunteer Fire DepartmentCavour(605) 599-2870 M S H

Centerville Fire DepartmentCenterville605-563-2302 M S H

Chamberlain Volunteer Fire DepartmentChamberlain605-734-4007 M S H

Chancellor Volunteer Fire Department Inc.Chancellor605-647-2892 M S H

City of Pierre Fire DepartmentPierre(605) 773-7401 M S H W

Claire City Volunteer Fire DepartmentClaire City(605) 652-4560 M S H

Clark Volunteer Fire DepartmentClark605-532-3113 M S H

Clear Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Clear Lake(605) 874-8122 M S H

Colman Fire and RescueColman(605) 534-9862 M S H

Colome Volunteer Fire DepartmentColome(605) 842-0853 M S H

Colton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Colton(605) 446-3215 M S H

Columbia Community Fire DeptColumbia(605) 396-2634 M S H

Conde Fire DeptConde(605) 382-5215 M S H

Corona Fire DepartmentCorona(605) 432-5818 M S H

Corsica Community Fire DeptCorsica(605) 946-5400 M S H

Cresbard Fire DeptCresbard(605) 324-3475 M S H

Crooks Fire DepartmentCrooks605-543-5805 M S H

Custer Volunteer Fire DepartmentCuster605-673-4080 M S H


Dante Fire DepartmentDante(605) 384-3457 M S H

Deadwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeadwood605-578-1212 M S H W

Dell Rapids Fire DeptDell Rapids(605) 428-5364 M S H

Delmont Volunteer Fire DepartmentDelmont(605) 779-2571 M S H

Dept of Veterans Affairs - Black Hills Health Fire DepartmentHot Springs(605) 745-2034 M S H

DeSmet Fire DeptDeSmet(605) 854-3976 M S H

Dewey VFDEdgemont(605) 662-6136 M S H

Doland Fire DepartmentDoland605-635-6590 M S H

Doty Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid City(605) 341-6111 M S H

Draper Volunteer Fire DepartmentDraper605-669-2176 M S H

Dupree Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Dupree605-365-5177 M S H

Eagle Butte Volunteer Fire DepartmentEagle Butte(605) 964-2511 M S H

eden Fire DeptEden(605) 486-4821 M S H

Edgemont Volunteer Fire DepartmentEdgemont(605) 662-7422 M S H

Elk Point Fire Protection DistrictElk Point(605) 356-3196 M S H

ElktonVFDElkton(605) 542-7731 M S H

Elm Springs Fire DepartmentWasta605-798-2116 M S H

Emery Volunteer Fire DepartmentEmery(605) 449-9293 M S H

Enning Fire DepartmentRed Owl(605) 985-5559 M S H

Ethan Fire DepartmentEthan605-227-4230 M S H

Eureka Fire DeptEurka(605) 284-2524 M S H

Faulkton VFDFaulkton(605) 598-6724 M S H

Flandreau Fire DeptFlandreau(605) 997-2672 M S H

Fort Meade VAMCFort Meade(605) 347-7071 M S H

Fort Pierre vol. fire dept.Fort Pierre(605) 223-2682 M S H

Four Corners Volunteer Fire DepartmentHayes(605) 567-3538 M S H

Frankfort Fire DepartmentFrankfort(605) 472-3025 M S H



Gann Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentGann Valley(605) 293-3294 M S H

Garretson Volunteer Fire Department Garretson(605) 594-3422 M S H

Gary Volunteer Fire DepartmentGary605-272-5651 M S H

Gayville Community Fire DepartmentGayville(605) 267-4443 M S H

Geddes VFDGeddes000-000-0000 M S H

Gettysburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentGettysburg605-765-9131 M S H

Glad Valley Fire DeptGlad Valley(605) 466-2219 M S H

Goodwin VFDGoodwin(605) 795-3211 M S H

Green Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentInterior605-455-2202 M S H

Gregory Volunteer Fire DepartmentGregory605-835-8270 M S H

Groton Community Fire DepartmentGroton(605) 397-8347 M S H

Harrisburg Comm Fire DeptHarrisburg(605) 743-5700 M S H

Hartford Fire & RescueHartford(605) 528-3511 M S H

Hayti VFDHayti(605) 783-3193 M S H

Hayward Volunteer Fire DepartmentKeystone(605) 666-4609 M S H

Hazel VFDHazel(605) 628-2250 M S H

Hecla Volunteer Firefighters, Inc.Hecla(605) 994-2033 M S H

Hermosa VFDHermosa(605) 255-4747 M S H

Highlands VFDEdgemont(605) 890-0049 M S H

Highmore Fire DeptHighmore(605) 852-2487 M S H

Hill City Fire DeptHill City(605) 574-2631 M S H

Hitchcock Community Fire DepartmentHitchcock000-000-0000 M S H

Hosmer Volunteer Fire DepartmentHosmer(605) 283-2655 M S H

Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department, IncHot Springs(605) 745-4333 M S H

Hoven VFD, Inc.Hoven(605) 948-2535 M S H

Howard Volunteer Fire DepartmentHoward(605) 772-5759 M S H

Hudson Volunteer Fire DepartmentHudson(605) 984-2224 M S H

Hughes County Fire DeptPierre(605) 773-7477 M S H

Humboldt Fire & Ambulance ServiceHumboldt(605) 363-3100 M S H

Hurley Volunteer Fire DepartmentHurley(605) 238-5888 M S H

Huron Fire DeptHuron(605) 353-8520 M S H

Hutterville Community Fire DepartmentStratford605-395-6520 M S H

Interior Volunteer Fire DepartmentInterior605-433-5300 M S H

Ipswich VFDIpswich(605) 426-6011 M S H

Irene Volunteer Fire DepartmentIRENE605-263-3327 M S H

Iroquois Fire & Rescue DistrictIroquois(605) 543-2486 M S H

Isabel Fire DepartmentIsabel605-466-2177 M S H

Java VFDjAVA(605) 649-6211 M S H

Jefferson VFDJefferson(605) 966-5858 M S H

Johnson Siding VFDRapid City(605) 341-4085 M S H

Kadoka Volunteer Fire DepartmentKadoka100-100-1000 M S H

Kennebec Fire DepartmentKennebec605-869-2220 M S H

Keystone VFDKeystone(605) 666-4428 M S H

Kimball Fire DepartmentKimball(605) 778-6269 M S H

LaBolt Fire DeptLaBolt000-000-0000 M S H

Lake Andes Fire DeptLake Andes(605) 487-7122 M S H

Lake Norden Fire DistrictLake Norden(605) 785-2156 M S H

Lake Preston VFDLake Preston(605) 847-4140 M S H

Langford VFDLangford(605) 493-5412 M S H

Lebanon Volunteer Fire DepartmentLebanon(605) 768-9469 M S H

Lemmon Fire DepartmentLemmon605-374-5796 M S H

Lennox VFDLennox(605) 647-2464 M S H

Leola Fire DeptLeola(605) 439-3626 M S H

Lesterville Fire & RescueLesterville(605) 364-7321 M S H

Letcher Fire DeptLetcher(605) 248-2242 M S H

Long Lake Fire DeptLong Lake(605) 577-6205 M S H

Longvalley Fire DeptLongvalley(605) 462-6142 M S H

Lower Brule Fire DepartmentLower Brule(605) 473-5281 M S H

Ludlow VFDLudlow(605) 278-6138 M S H

Lyons Volunteer Fire DepartmentLyons605-543-5591 M S H


Madison Fire DepartmentMadison(605) 256-7523 M S H

Marion Fire DeptMarion M S H

Martin Volunteer Fire DepartmentMartin(605) 685-6595 M S H

McIntosh Vol. Fire DepartmentMCINTOSH(605) 273-4391 M S H


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McLauchlin VFDMcLaughlin(605) 823-4777 M S H

Melletle Fire DeptMelletle(605) 887-3401 M S H

Menno Fire DeptMenno M S H

Midland VFDMidland(605) 843-2111 M S H

Milbank Volunteer Fire DepartmentMilbank605-432-5800 M S H

Milesville Fire DeptMilesville(605) 544-3271 M S H

Miller Fire DepartmentMiller(605) 853-2220 M S H W

Minnekahta Fire DepartmentHot Springs(605) 745-4085 M S H


Mobridge Fire DeptMobridge(605) 845-2800 M S H

Monroe Volunteer Fire DepartmentMonroe605-297-2320 M S H

Montrose Volunteer Fire DepartmentMontrose(605) 363-5236 M S H

Mound City Vol. Fire DeptMound City(605) 955-3598 M S H

Mt Vernon VFDMt Venon(605) 236-5586 M S H

Murdo Vol Fire Dept.Murdo(605) 669-2633 M S H

Nemo VFDNemo000-000-0000 M S H

New Effington Fire DepartmentNew Effington(605) 637-5407 M S H

New Underwood Fire DeptNew Underwood(605) 754-6782 M S H

North Haines Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid City605-348-4001 M S H

North Marshall Fire DeptBritton(605) 448-2309 M S H

North Sioux City Fire DeptNorth Sioux City(605) 232-4286 M S H

Northville Vol. Fire Dept.Northville(605) 887-3532 M S H

Nunda Volunteer Fire DepartmentNunda000-000-0000 M S H

Oldham Volunteer Fire DepartmentOldham605-482-8321 M S H

Olerich's VFDOlerich's(605) 535-6660 M S H

Onaka Volunteer Fire DepartmentOnaka605-447-5831 M S H

Opal VFDOpal(605) 745-2295 M S H

Oral VFDOral(605) 424-2332 M S H

Orient Fire DeptOrient(605) 392-2546 M S H

Ortley VFDOrtley(605) 947-4724 M S H

Parker Volunteer Fire DepartmentParker(605) 297-3180 M S H

Parkston Fire DepartmentParkston000-000-0000 M S H

Peever Fire DepartmentPeever605-932-3641 M S H

Philip VFDPhilip(605) 859-2424 M S H

PickstownPickstown(605) 487-7553 M S H

Piedmont Fire DeptPiedmont(605) 787-5121 M S H

Pierpont Rural Fire DepartmentPierpont605-325-3370 M S H

Pierre Airport Fire & RescuePierre (605) 773-7405 M S H

Plankinton VFDPlankinton(605) 942-7249 M S H

Platte Volunteer Fire DepartmentPlatte(605) 337-2347 M S H W

Pollock Fire DepartmentPollock605-889-2490 M S H

Presho VFDPresho(605) 895-2337 M S H

Pringle VFDPringle(605) 673-2650 M S H

Pukwana Volunteer Fire Dept.Pukwana605-894-4374 M S H

Ramona VFDRamona(605) 482-8289 M S H

Rapid City Department of Fire and Emergency ServicesRapid City605-394-4180 M S H W

Rapid Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid City(605) 393-0848 M S H

Ravinia Fire Dept.Ravinia000-000-0000 M S H

Raymond Fire Community AssociationRaymond605-881-1196 M S H

Ree Heights Fire DeptRee heights000-000-0000 M S H

Renner Fire RescueRenner(605) 332-4090 M S H

Revillo Volunteer Fire DepartmentRevillo605-623-4315 M S H

Rockerville Vol. Fire Dept., IncRapid City605-399-3721 M S H W

Roscoe VFDRoscoe M S H

Rosedale Fire DepartmentMitchell(605) 239-4282 M S H

Salem Fire DepartmentSalem000-000-0000 M S H

Scotland Fire DeptScotland(605) 583-4200 M S H

Selby Fire DeptSelby(605) 649-6374 M S H

Silver City Volunteer Fire DepartmentSilver City605-574-2149 M S H

Sinai Fire DepartmentSinai(605) 826-4153 M S H

Sioux Falls Fire RescueSioux Falls(605) 367-7173 M S H W

Sisseton Fire DeptSisseton(605) 698-7141 M S H

Smithwick Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmithwick000-000-0000 M S H

South Dakota Air National GuardSioux Falls(605) 988-5789 M S H

Spearfish Canyon Fire Protection DistrictLead605-584-2155 M S H

Spencer Vol. Fire Dept.Spencer(605) 246-2458 M S H

Splitrock Volunteer Fire DepartmentSIOUX FALLS(605) 338-1263 M S H

Springfield Fire DepartmentSpringfield(605) 369-2727 M S H

Stockholm Volunteer Fire DepartmentStockholm605-676-2516 M S H

Stratford Community Fire DeptStratford M S H

Sturgis VFDSturgis(605) 347-5801 M S H W

Summit Volunteer Fire DepartmentSummit(605) 398-6250 M S H

Sunset Fire DeptBritton(605) 448-2980 M S H

Tabor Fire DeptTabor(605) 463-2514 M S H

Tea Volunteer Fire DepartmentTea605-498-2470 M S H

The Onida Fire Departmentonida(605) 258-2231 M S H

Tolstoy Fire Department, Inc.Tolstoy605-442-2467 M S H

Town and Country Fire and RescueWoonsocket(605) 796-4200 M S H

Trail City Fire DeptTrail City(605) 865-3774 M S H

Trent Volunteer Fire DepartmentTrent(605) 428-5606 M S H

Tripp Fire DeptTripp000-000-0000 M S H

Tulare Volunteer Fire DepartmentTulare605-596-4105 M S H

Turton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Turton605-897-6622 M S H

Utica VFDUtica(605) 665-8185 M S H

Vale Fire DepartmentVale(605) 456-1666 M S H

Valley Springs Fire & RescueValley Springs(605) 757-6553 M S H

Veblen Volunteer Fire DepartmentVeblen605-738-2113 M S H

Vermillion Fire DeptVermillion(605) 677-7097 M S H

Vetal VFDTuthill(605) 685-1091 M S H

Viborg Volunteer Fire DepartmentViborg(605) 326-5103 M S H

Vienna Rural Fire DepartmentVienna(605) 625-3421 M S H

Vivian Fire DeptVivian(605) 683-4455 M S H

Volga Fire DeptVolga(605) 627-9113 M S H

Volia Fire DeptVolia000-000-0000 M S H

wagner fire deptwagner(605) 384-9999 M S H

Wakonda Fire Dept.Wakonda605-267-2768 M S H

Wall Volunteer Fire Dept.Wall(605) 279-2563 M S H

Wallace Fire DeptWallace000-000-0000 M S H

Warner Fire DepartmentWarner605-225-5040 M S H

Watertown Fire DepartmentWatertown(605) 886-4733 M S H

Waubay VFDWaubay605-947-4849 M S H

Wayne Twp Fire & RescueSioux Falls(605) 367-0128 M S H

Webster Fire DepartmentWebster(605) 345-3030 M S H

Wentworth Fire DeptWentworth(605) 483-3135 M S H

Wessington Rural Fire Dept.Wessington(605) 458-2237 M S H

Wessington Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Wessington Springs605-539-1888 M S H

Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire DepartmentRapid City(605) 343-3382 M S H

White Lake VFDWhite Lake(605) 249-2711 M S H

White Volunteer Fire DepartmentWHITE605-629-6841 M S H

Whitewood Volunteer Fire Department/ Rescue Hose Company #1Whitewood605-269-2577 M S H

Wilmot Fire DeptWilmot605-938-5001 M S H

Winner Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinner(605) 842-3324 M S H

Wood Volunteer Fire DepartmentWood605-452-3222 M S H

Worthing Community Fire DepartmentWorthing605-372-4151 M S H

Yankton Fire DepartmentYankton(605) 668-5228 M S H W


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