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AndoverAndover Volunteer Fire Department(860) 742-7477 M S H W

AnsoniaAnsonia Fire Department(203) 734-3225 M S H

AnsoniaEagle Hose and Hook & Ladder Company NO 6(203) 736-5978 M S H W

AshfordAshford Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 429-9862 M S H W

AvonAvon Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 677-2644 M S H W

BalticBaltic Fire Dept(860) 822-6580 M S H

BantamBantam Fire Company Incorporated860-567-5198 M S H

BarkhamstedBarkhamsted East Volunteer Fire Company #1, Inc.860-379-6598 M S H

BerlinBerlin Volunteer Fire Department860-828-6237 M S H W

BethanyBethany Vol. Firemans Assoc.(203) 393-0058 M S H

BethelBethel Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(203) 794-8521 M S H

BethelStony Hill Volunteer Fire Department(203) 794-8526 M S H

BethlehemBethlehem VFD(203) 266-7696 M S H

BloomfieldBloomfield Fire Dept(860) 242-1779 M S H

BloomfieldBlue Hills Fire Department(860) 243-8949 M S H W

BoltonBolton VFD(860) 649-3910 M S H

BranfordBranford Fire Department(203) 488-7266 M S H

BridgeportBridgeport Fire Department(203) 576-7683 M S H W

BridgewaterBridgewater Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 354-5967 M S H

BristolBristol Fire Dept(860) 584-7964 M S H

Broad BrookBroad Brook Fire Dept(860) 623-5940 M S H

BrookfieldBrookfield VFD Candlewood CO, Inc.(203) 775-2440 M S H

BrooklynMortlake Fire CO(860) 774-2032 M S H

BurlingtonBurlington Fire Depsrtment(860) 675-2183 M S H

CanaanCanaan Fire Company(860) 824-7366 M S H

CanterburyCanterbury Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.(860) 546-9807 M S H

CheshireCheshire Fire Department, Inc.(203) 272-1828 M S H W

ChesterChester Hose Company(860) 526-0019 M S H

ClintonClinton Fire Dept(860) 669-8131 M S H

ColchesterColchester Hayward Fire Department(860) 537-2512 M S H

CollinsvilleCanton Fire/EMS(860) 693-7858 M S H

ColumbiaColumbia Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 228-9602 M S H

Cos CobCos Cob Volunteer Fire Company #1(203) 622-1506 M S H

CoventryCoventry Volunteer Fire Association, Inc.(860) 742-3510 M S H W

CromwellCromwell Fire Department(860) 635-5211 M S H W

DanburyDanbury Fire Department(203) 796-1550 M S H

DanburyThe Beaver Brook Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.203-748-9180 M S H

DanielsonDanielson Fire Department(860) 774-4220 M S H

DanielsonEast Brooklyn Fire Department(860) 774-1192 M S H

DarienDarien Fire Department(203) 655-1216 M S H W

DarienNoroton Fire Department, Inc.(203) 655-0653 M S H W

DarienNoroton Heights Fire Department, Inc.(203) 655-1033 M S H W

DayvilleAttawaugan Fire District(860) 774-5129 M S H W

DayvilleDayville Fire Company(860) 774-5525 M S H

Deep RiverDeep River Fire Dept(860) 526-6036 M S H

DerbyDerby Fire Department(203) 736-1473 M S H

East Granby103CES Fire Department CTANG(860) 292-2525 M S H

East HaddamEast Haddam Volunteer Fire Department(860) 873-5037 M S H

East Hampton East Hampton VFD(860) 267-1012 M S H

East HartfordEast Hartford Fire Dept(860) 528-4171 M S H

East HartfordPratt & Whitney(860) 565-5907 M S H

East HartlandEast Hartland Volunteer Fire Dept. Inc.(860) 653-2880 M S H

East HavenEast Haven Fire Department(203) 468-3221 M S H W

East KillinglyEast Killingly Fire Department(860) 774-4817 M S H

East WindsorWarehouse Point Fire District(860) 623-5596 M S H W

EastfordEastford Independent Fire Company #1, Inc.(860) 974-0630 M S H

EastonEaston Fire Department(203) 268-2833 M S H

EllingtonCrystal Lake Fire Department(860) 870-4017 M S H

EllingtonThe Ellington Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 870-3190 M S H W

EnfieldEnfield Fire Department(860) 745-1878 M S H W

EnfieldHazardville Fire Department(860) 749-8344 M S H W

EnfieldNorth Thompsonville Fire Department(860) 745-2946 M S H

EnfieldShaker Pines Fire District(860) 749-8552 M S H

EnfieldThompsonville Fire Department(860) 745-3365 M S H

FairfieldFairfield Fire Dept(203) 254-4713 M S H

FairfieldStratfield Volunteer Fire Department(203) 254-4748 M S H W

Falls VillageFalls Village Volunteer Fire Department(860) 824-5298 M S H

FarmingtonTown of Farmington Fire Department860-675-2322 M S H W

FarmingtonUniversity of Connecticut Health Center(860) 679-2525 M S H

FranklinFranklin Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 642-7772 M S H

Gales FerryGales Ferry Fire Company(860) 464-6606 M S H W

GeorgetownGeorgetown Volunteer Fire Department(203) 544-8933 M S H W


GranbyLost Acres Fire Department(860) 844-5335 M S H

GREENWICHGreenwich Vol Hose & Chemical Co #2(203) 622-3978 M S H W

GriswoldGriswold Volunteer Fire Company(860) 376-7060 M S H

GrotonCenter Groton Fire District(860) 445-5775 M S H

GrotonCity of Groton Fire Department(860) 445-2456 M S H

GrotonPfizer Inc, Protective Services(860) 441-3255 M S H

GrotonPoquonnock Bridge Fire Department(860) 445-2498 M S H W

GrotonUS Naval Submarine Base NLON Fire Dept.(860) 694-3466 M S H

Groton Long PointGroton Long Point Volunteer Fire Company(860) 536-7607 M S H

GuilfordGuilford Fire Department(203) 453-8056 M S H

HamdenHamden Fire Department(203) 407-5880 M S H

HamdenMix District Volunteer Fire Company #7 Inc.(203) 248-7374 M S H

HamptonHampton Fire Company(860) 455-9660 M S H

HartfordHartford Fire Department(860) 722-8200 M S H W

HarwintonHarwinton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.860-485-9336 M S H

HarwintonHarwinton Westside Volunteer Fire Department(860) 485-9234 M S H W

HawleyvilleHawleyville Volunteer Fire Company #1, Inc.203-270-4389 M S H

HebronHebron Volunteer Fire Department(860) 228-3022 M S H

HigganumHaddam VFC(860) 345-5151 M S H W

Jewett CityA.A. Young Jr. Hose & Ladder Co. #1 Inc(860) 376-2707 M S H W

KensingtonKensington Volunteer Fire Department(860) 828-5175 M S H W

KensingtonSouth Kensington Fire Department Inc(860) 828-3250 M S H

KentKent VFD(860) 927-4567 M S H

KillingworthKillingworth Volunteer Fire Company, Inc(860) 663-1785 M S H W

LakevilleLakeville Hose Company #1, Inc.(860) 435-9981 M S H

LebanonLebanon Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 642-7546 M S H

LedyardLedyard Fire Company, District NO 1, Inc.(860) 464-9222 M S H W

LisbonLisbon Fire Department(860) 376-2558 M S H W

LitchfieldEast Litchfield VFC(860) 487-1929 M S H

LitchfieldLitchfield Fire CO, Inc.(860) 567-0147 M S H

LymeLyme Fire CO(860) 434-1329 M S H

MadisonMadison Hose Company #1(203) 245-2772 M S H

MadisonNorth Madison Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.(203) 245-2772 M S H W

ManchesterManchester Fire Department 8th Utilities District(860) 643-7373 M S H W

ManchesterTown of Manchester Fire- Rescue- EMS Department(860) 647-3266 M S H W

MarlboroughMarlborough Volunteer Fire Depdrtment(860) 295-6219 M S H

MashantucketMashantucket-Pequot Fire & Emergency Services(860) 396-6602 M S H

MeridenMeriden Fire Department(203) 630-5868 M S H W

MiddleburyMiddlebury Volunteer Fire Department(203) 577-4036 M S H

MiddlefieldMiddlefield Volunteer Fire Company(860) 349-7124 M S H

MiddletownConnecticut Valley Hospital Fire Department(860) 262-5864 M S H

MiddletownMiddletown Fire Dept(860) 343-8004 M S H

MiddletownSouth Fire District(860) 347-6661 M S H W

MiddletownWestfield Volunteer Fire Department(860) 632-2690 M S H W


MonroeMonroe Volunteer Fire Department(203) 268-3895 M S H W

MorrisMorris Volunteer Fire Department(860) 567-7441 M S H

MysticMystic Fire Department(869) 572-7567 M S H W

MysticOld Mystic Fire Department860-536-2220 M S H W

NaugatuckNaugatuck Fire Department(203) 720-7081 M S H W

New BritainNew Britain Fire Department(860) 826-2614 M S H

New CanaanNew Canaan Fire Company NO 1(203) 594-3140 M S H W

New FairfieldNew Fairfield Volunteer Fire Co.203-312-5732 M S H

New HartfordNew Hartford Volunteer Fire Department(860) 379-4936 M S H

New HavenNew Haven Fire Department(203) 946-6219 M S H

New LondonNew London Fire Department(860) 447-5291 M S H W

New MilfordNew Milford Fire Marshal(860) 355-6099 M S H

New MilfordNorthville VFD(860) 354-8194 M S H

NewingtonNewington Volunteer Fire Department(860) 667-5900 M S H

NoankNoank Volunteer Fire Company # 1, Inc.(860) 536-7366 M S H



NorfolkNorfolk Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(860) 542-5021 M S H W

North GrosvenordaleCommunity Fire Company(860) 923-9444 M S H

North GrosvenordaleWest Thompson Independent Fire Association #1(860) 923-9696 M S H

North HavenNorth Haven Fire Department(203) 239-5321 M S H

North WindhamNorth Windham Fire Department, Inc.(860) 423-6432 M S H


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NorthfieldNorthfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.(860) 283-9303 M S H W

NorwalkCity of Norwalk203-866-3312 M S H

NorwichCity of Norwich Fire Department(860) 892-6080 M S H

NorwichEast Great Plain Volunteer Fire Department(860) 886-0392 M S H

NorwichLaurel Hill VFC(860) 892-1973 M S H

NorwichOccum Fire Dept/Ambulance(860) 822-8285 M S H

OakdaleChesterfield Fire Company, Inc.860-443-0015 M S H

OakdaleOakdale Fire Dept, Inc.(860) 859-0502 M S H W

Old LymeOld Lyme Fire Department(860) 434-2424 M S H

Old SaybrookOld Saybrook Fire Department860-395-3149 M S H

OnecoOneco Fire Company/ Sterling Fire District(860) 564-7425 M S H

OrangeOrange Volunteer Fire Department(203) 891-1026 M S H W

OxfordTown of Oxford Fire Department203-888-9090 M S H

PawcatuckPawcatuck fire District860-599-4251 M S H

PawcatuckWequetequock Fire Department(860) 599-8343 M S H

PlainfieldPlainfield Fire Company(860) 564-5541 M S H

PlainvillePlainville Fire Department(860) 747-2521 M S H

Pleasant ValleyPleasant Valley VFD(860) 379-0026 M S H

PomfretPomfret VFD(860) 974-1508 M S H

PortlandPortland Fire Dept(860) 342-6750 M S H

PrestonPoquctanucle Fire Department(860) 887-5151 M S H W

PrestonPreston City Volunteer Fire Department(860) 887-4815 M S H W

ProspectVFD of Prospect(203) 758-5445 M S H

PutnamEast Putnam Fire Department860-928-6636 M S H

QuinebaugQuinebaug Vol. Fire Dept(860) 935-5255 M S H

ReddingRedding Fire & Emergency Medical Services Company # 1(203) 938-9520 M S H W

RidgefieldRidgefield Fire Department(203) 431-2724 M S H

RivertonRiverton Volunteer Fire CO`(860) 379-7473 M S H

Rocky HillRocky Hill VFD(860) 258-7603 M S H W

SalemSalem Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.860-859-0942 M S H

Sandy HookSandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. Inc.(203) 270-4392 M S H W

ScotlandScotland VFD(860) 450-1525 M S H

SeymourCitizens Engine Company NO 2(203) 888-1909 M S H

SeymourGreat Hill Hose Company(203) 888-1909 M S H

SheltonShelton Volunteer Fire Department(203) 924-5939 M S H

ShermanSherman VFD(860) 354-9273 M S H

SimsburySimsbury Volunteer Fire Department(860) 658-1971 M S H W

SomersSomers Fire Department(860) 749-7626 M S H W

South WindsorSouth Windsor Fire Department(860) 644-8547 M S H W

SouthburySouthbury Training School Fire Department(203) 586-2300 M S H

SouthburySouthbury Volunteer Firemen's Association(203) 262-0615 M S H W

SouthingtonSouthington Fire Department(860) 621-3202 M S H

SouthportSouthport Fire Department(203) 254-4747 M S H W

Stafford SpringsWest Stafford Fire Department(860) 684-3695 M S H W

StaffordvilleStafford Fire Dept NO.1 Inc(860) 684-3612 M S H

StamfordBelltown Fire Department, Inc.(203) 323-0626 M S H W

StamfordLong Ridge Fire Company(203) 322-5200 M S H W

StamfordNew Hope Fire CO, d.b.a. Glenbrook Fire Dept(203) 325-4432 M S H W

StamfordSpringdale Fire Co, Inc(203) 323-2297 M S H W

StamfordStamford Fire Rescue Department(203) 977-4673 M S H W

StamfordTurn of River Fire Department, Inc.(203) 322-0943 M S H W

SterlingSterling Volunteer Fire Company(860) 564-7435 M S H W

StevensonStevenson VFC(203) 261-4928 M S H W

StoningtonQuiambaug Fire Department(860) 536-1743 M S H

StorrsEagleville Fire Department(860) 429-2050 M S H

StorrsMansfield VFC(860) 429-5290 M S H

StorrsUniversity of Connecticut Fire Department(860) 486-4925 M S H

StratfordSikorsky Aircraft Fire Department(203) 386-6688 M S H

StratfordStratford Fire Department(203) 385-4070 M S H

SuffieldSuffield Fire Department(860) 668-3888 M S H

TarringtonBurrville Volunteer Fire Department(860) 482-5656 M S H

ThomastonThomaston Volunteer Fire Department(860) 283-4343 M S H W

ThompsonThompson Fire Engine CO, Inc.(860) 923-2740 M S H

TollandTolland Fire Department(860) 871-3677 M S H W

TorringtonTorrington Fire Department(860) 489-2255 M S H

TrumbullLong Hill Fire Department(203) 459-0159 M S H W

TrumbullNicholas Fire Department(203) 378-4513 M S H W

TrumbullTrumbull Center Fire District(203) 452-0465 M S H W

UncasvilleMohegan Fire Company(860) 848-3004 M S H

UncasvilleMohegan Tribal Fire Department(860) 862-7329 M S H

UncasvilleTown of Montville Fire Department(860) 848-8070 M S H

UnionUnion Volunteer Fire Department(860) 684-4109 M S H

VernonVernon Fire Department(860) 871-8684 M S H

VoluntownVoluntown Volunteer Fire Company #1860-376-0475 M S H

WallingfordWallingford Fire Department and EMS(203) 294-2730 M S H

WashingtonWashington VFD(860) 868-0325 M S H

WaterburyWaterbury Fire Department(203) 597-3450 M S H

WaterfordCohanzie Fire Department(860) 442-0455 M S H

WaterfordGoshen Fire Dept #3 Inc(860) 443-6260 M S H

WaterfordWaterford Fire Service(860) 440-0544 M S H

WatertownWatertown Fire Department(860) 945-5220 M S H W

WaureganAtwood Hose Fire Co(860) 774-4486 M S H

West CornwallCornwall Volunteer Fire Department(860) 672-6526 M S H

West HartfordWest Hartford Fire Department(860) 570-3800 M S H W

West HavenAllingtown Vol Fire Dept.(203) 933-2541 M S H

West HavenWest Haven Fire Department(203) 937-3710 M S H

West HavenWest Shore Fire Department(203) 933-8420 M S H

West WoodstockBungay Fire Brigade(860) 974-0316 M S H W

WestbrookWestbrook Fire Department/Westbrook Chemical Eng(860) 399-3473 M S H W

WestonWeston Volunteer Fire Department(203) 222-2647 M S H W

WestportWestport Fire Department203-341-5000 M S H

WethersfieldWethersfield VFD(860) 721-2830 M S H W

WilliamanticWilliamantic Fire Dept(860) 465-3120 M S H

WillingtonWillington Fire Department, Inc. #1(860) 429-0288 M S H W

WiltonWilton Fire Department(203) 834-6246 M S H W

Winchester CenterWinchester Center Fire Department(860) 379-1750 M S H

WindhamWindham Center Fire Dept.860-423-4038 M S H W

WindsorWindsor Volunteer Fire Department(860) 285-1983 M S H W

Windsor LocksBradley International Airport Fire Dept(860) 627-3360 M S H

Windsor LocksWindsor Locks Fire Department(860) 627-1461 M S H W

WinstedColebrook Center-Forge Company's VFD(860) 379-1551 M S H W

WinstedTown Of Winchester Fire Department860-379-5155 M S H

WinstedWinsted Fire Dept(860) 379-5155 M S H W

WoodbridgeWoodbridge Fire Department(203) 389-3444 M S H W

WoodburyWoodbury Fire Department(203) 263-3100 M S H W

WoodstockMuddy Brook Fire Department(860) 928-3032 M S H W

WoodstockWoodstock Volunteer Fire Association(860) 963-2347 M S H

YanticYantic Fire Engine Company # 1(860) 887-2221 M S H

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