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AdakAdak Volunteer Fire Department(907) 592-4145 M S H

AkhiokAkhiok Volunteer Fire Department(907) 836-2213 M S H

AkutanAkutan Volunteer Fire Department907-698-2315 M S H

AlakanukAlakanuk Fire Department907-238-3421 M S H

AleknagihAleknagih Volunteer Fire Department(907) 842-2189 M S H

AnchorageAnchorage Fire Department(907) 267-5091 M S H W

AnchorageAnchorage Int'l Airport Fire Department(907) 266-2411 M S H

AnchorageEndicott Fire Dept907-659-6800 M S H

AnchorageGreater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department(907) 659-5231 M S H

AnchorageKuparuk Fire Department(907) 659-7494 M S H

AnchorageState of Alaska, Division of Forestry(907) 269-8467 M S H W


AniakAniak Volunteer Fire Department(907) 675-4601 M S H

BarrowNorth Slope Borough Fire Department(907) 852-0234 M S H

BeaverBeaver Volunteer Fire Department907-628-6337 M S H

BethelBethel Fire Dept(907) 543-2131 M S H

Big Lake Big Lake VFD(907) 892-7750 M S H W

BucklandBuckland Volunteer Fire Department(907) 494-2176 M S H

CantwellCantwell Volunteer Fire Department907-768-2990 M S H

ChefornakChefornak Volunteer Fire Department(907) 867-8610 M S H

Chenega BayChenega Bay Fire Department907-573-5132 M S H

ChignikCity of Chignik, Chignik Bay Fire Department(907) 749-2273 M S H

ChitinaChitina VFD(907) 823-2250 M S H

ClearClear AFB(907) 585-6432 M S H

Coffman CoveCoffman Cove Volunteer Fire Department907-329-2233 M S H

Cooper LandingCooper Landing Volunteer Fire & Rescue(907) 598-1073 M S H

Copper CenterGlennRich Fire Rescue(907) 822-4293 M S H

Copper CenterSapa Volunteer Fire Department(907) 822-3047 M S H

CordovaCordova Volunteer Fire Department(907) 424-6117 M S H W

CraigCraig Volunteer Fire Department(907) 826-3275 M S H

DeeringDeering Volunteer Fire Department(907) 363-2136 M S H

Delta JunctionDelta Junction Volunteer Fire Department, Company 5907-895-4443 M S H

Delta JunctionRural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department(907) 895-5036 M S H

Denali NPDenali National Park Fire(907) 683-2294 M S H

Denali ParkMcKinley Volunteer Fire Department907-683-3100 M S H

DillinghamDillingham Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad(907) 842-2288 M S H

EagleEagle Volunteer Fire Department(907) 547-2282 M S H

Eagle RiverChugiak Volunteer Fire & Rescue(907) 694-2010 M S H W

Eagle RiverSouth Fork Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.(907) 694-5553 M S H

Edna BayEdna Bay Volunteer Fire Department(907) 594-6301 M S H

ElimElim VFD(907) 890-3441 M S H

Elmendorf AFBElmendorf Fire & Emergency Services(907) 552-2801 M S H

EsterEster Volunteer Fire Department(907) 479-6858 M S H W

FairbanksChena-Goldstream Fire & Rescue(907) 479-5672 M S H W

FairbanksFairbanks Fire Department(907) 450-6600 M S H W

FairbanksFairbanks International Airport Fire and Police Department(907) 474-2555 M S H

FairbanksSteese Area Volunteer Fire Department(907) 457-1508 M S H W

FairbanksUniversity Fire Department(907) 474-5770 M S H W

False PassCity False Pass907-548-2319 M S H

Fort RichardsonFire and Emergency Services, US Army Alaska(907) 384-0774 M S H

Fort WainwrightFort Wainwright Fire and Emergency Services(907) 353-7470 M S H

Fort YukonFort Yukon Volunteer Fire Department(907) 662-2379 M S H

GakonaGakona Volunteer Fire Department(907) 822-3935 M S H

GalenaGalena Air Station Fire Department(907) 446-3478 M S H

GambellGambell VFD000-000-0000 M S H

GirdwoodAnton Anderson Memorial Tunnel Fire Department(907) 472-2640 M S H

GirdwoodGirdwood Fire Department(907) 783-2511 M S H W

GlennallenLake Louiss Volunteer Fire Department EMS907-822-3068 M S H

GustavusGustavus Emergency Response(907) 697-2290 M S H

HealyTri Valley Volunteer Fire Department(907) 683-2223 M S H

HomerHomer Volunteer Fire Department(907) 235-3155 M S H W

HomerKachemak Emergency Services(907) 235-3725 M S H

HoonahHoonah Department of Public Safety - Fire/ Rescue Division(907) 945-3655 M S H

Hooper BayHooper Bay Volunteer Fire Department907-758-4617 M S H

HopeHope - Sunrise Volunteer Fire Department907-782-3436 M S H

HoustonHouston Volunteer Fire Department(907) 892-6457 M S H

HusliaHuslia VFD(907) 829-2266 M S H

JuneauCapital City Fire & Rescue(907) 586-5322 M S H W

KakeCity of Kake907-785-3464 M S H



KasiglukKasigluk Fire Dept(907) 477-6128 M S H


Kenny LakeKenny Lake Volunteer Fire Department(907) 822-5202 M S H

KetchikanKetchikan Fire Department(907) 225-9616 M S H


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KetchikanKetchikan International Airport Fire Dept(907) 225-6800 M S H

KetchikanNorth Tongass Volunteer Fire Department(907) 247-5521 M S H

KetchikanWhale Pass Volunteer Fire Department(907) 846-5216 M S H

Ketchikan South End Fire Department - Ketchikan(907) 225-1322 M S H

King CoveKing Cove Fire Department907-497-2555 M S H

KodiakBayside Fire Station(907) 486-4536 M S H

KodiakIntegrated Support Command Fire and Rescue(907) 487-5808 M S H

KodiakKodiak Fire Department(907) 486-8040 M S H

KodiakWomen's Bay Volunteer Fire Department(907) 487-4321 M S H

KongiganakKongiganak VFD(907) 557-5607 M S H

KotzebueKotzebue Volunteer Fire Department(907) 442-3404 M S H

KotzebueNorthwest Arctic Borough Fire Department(907) 442-2500 M S H

McCarthyKennicott-McCarthy Volunteer Fire Department907-554-4419 M S H

McGrathMcGrath Volunteer Fire Department907-524-3825 M S H

Meadow LakesMeadow Lakes Fire Department(907) 373-8800 M S H

MekoryukMekoryuk VFD(907) 827-8315 M S H

MetlakatlaMetlakatla Volunteer Fire Department907-886-7922 M S H

MintoMinto Village Council Fire Dept(907) 798-7112 M S H

Moose PassMoose Pass Volunteer Fire Company(907) 288-3665 M S H W

NaknekBristol Bay Borough Emergency Services(907) 246-4224 M S H W

NapakiakNapakiak Volunteer Fire Department907-589-2920 M S H

NaukatiNaukati VFD(907) 629-4353 M S H

Nelson LagoonNelson Lagoon Volunteer Fire Department907-989-2232 M S H

NenanaNenana VFD(907) 832-5632 M S H

New StuyahokNew Stuyahok VFD/EMS(907) 693-3185 M S H

NikiskiNikiski Fire Department(907) 283-4388 M S H W

NomeNome VFD(907) 443-2310 M S H

North PoleNorth Pole Fire Department(907) 488-0444 M S H W

North PoleNorth Star Volunteer Fire Department(907) 488-3400 M S H W

Old HarborOld Harbor Fire Dept(907) 286-2275 M S H

PalmerButte Volunteer Fire Department(907) 745-4221 M S H

PalmerPalmer Emergency Services(907) 745-3709 M S H W

PalmerVictory Volunteer Fire Department907-745-4203 M S H

Pedro BayPedro Bay VFD(907) 850-2225 M S H

PetersburgPetersburg Volunteer Fire Department(907) 772-3355 M S H

Point BakerPoint Baker VFD(907) 559-2214 M S H

Port AlexanderPort Alexander Volunteer Fire Department(907) 568-2211 M S H

Port LionsPort Lions Fire Department907-454-2332 M S H

Port ProtectionPort Protection Volunteer Fire Department907-489-2222 M S H

RubyRuby VFD(907) 468-4412 M S H

Saint Mary'sSaint Mary's Volunteer Fire Department907-438-2911 M S H

Saint PaulSt. Paul Volunteer Fire Department907-546-3130 M S H

Sand PointSand Point Department of Public Safety - Fire Division(907) 383-3700 M S H

SavoongaSavoonga VFD(907) 984-6234 M S H

SeldoviaSeldovia Fire Department907-234-7812 M S H

SewardBear Creek Fire Service Area(907) 224-3345 M S H

SewardLowell Point Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department(907) 224-6050 M S H W

SewardSeward Fire Department(907) 224-3445 M S H W

SitkaSitka Fire Dept(907) 747-3233 M S H W

SkagwaySkagway VFD(907) 983-2450 M S H

SoldotnaCentral Emergency Services(907) 262-4792 M S H W

SoldotnaFunny River Emergency Services(907) 260-8448 M S H

TalkeetnaTalkeetna Volunteer Fire Department(907) 733-2443 M S H

TananaTanana Volunteer Fire Department907-366-7258 M S H

Tenakee SpringsTenakee Springs Volunteer Fire Department907-736-2211 M S H

Thorne BayThorne Bay Volunteer Fire Department(907) 828-3380 M S H

TokTok Volunteer Fire Department(907) 883-5559 M S H

TuntutuliakTuntutuliak Volunteer Fire Department907-256-2634 M S H

Twin HillsTwins Hills VFD(907) 525-4821 M S H

UnalakleetUnalakleet Fire Department907-624-3531 M S H

UnalaskaUnalaska Fire/EMS(907) 581-1233 M S H W

ValdezValdez Fire Department(907) 835-4560 M S H W

WAINWRIGHTWainwright Volunteer Fire Department(907) 763-2728 M S H

WasillaCentral Mat-Su Fire Department(907) 373-8800 M S H W

WhittierWhittier Fire & Rescue(907) 472-2457 M S H

WillowWillow Vol. Fire Dept.(907) 495-6728 M S H

WrangellWrangell Volunteer Fire Department(907) 874-3223 M S H

YakutatYakutat VFD(907) 784-3544 M S H

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