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Acton Fire DepartmentActon207-636-3230 M S H W

Agusta Fire DepartmentAgusta(207) 626-2421 M S H

Albion Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlbion207-437-2183 M S H

Alfred Fire DepartmentAlfred(207) 324-8969 M S H W

Allagash Volunteer Fire DepartmentAllagash207-398-3198 M S H

Andover Fire DepartmentAndover(207) 392-1431 M S H

Appleton Fire DepartmentAppleton207-785-4524 M S H

Aroostook Co Emerg MgmtLimestone207-328-4480 M S H

Arrowsic Fire DepartmentArrowsic207-443-4609 M S H

Arundel Fire-RescueArundel(207) 985-2572 M S H

Athens Volunteer Fire DepartmentAthens(207) 654-2323 M S H


Aurora Volunteer Fire DepartmentAurora(207) 584-5200 M S H

Baileyville Fire DepartmentBaileyville207-427-3442 M S H

Baldwin Fire DepartmentBaldwin207-625-3581 M S H

Bangor Fire DeptBangor(207) 942-6335 M S H

Bar Harbor Fire DepartmentBar Harbor(207) 288-5554 M S H W

Baring Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Baring Plant207-454-8427 M S H

Bath Fire DepartmentBath(207) 443-5034 M S H W

Beddington Fire DepartmentBeddington207-638-2251 M S H

Belfast Fire DepartmentBelfast207-338-3362 M S H

Belgrade Fire DepartmentBelgrade(000) 000-0000 M S H

Belmont Fire and RescueBelmont207-342-4100 M S H

Berwick Fire DepartmentBerwick(207) 698-1174 M S H

Bethel Fire DepartmentBethel(207) 824-2665 M S H

Biddeford Fire DepartmentBiddeford(207) 282-6632 M S H W

Bingham Fire DepartmentBingham(207) 672-3081 M S H

Blue Hill Fire DepartmentBlue Hill(207) 374-2261 M S H

Boothbay Fire DepartmentBoothbay(207) 633-6437 M S H

Boothbay Harbor Fire DepartmentBoothbay Harbor207-633-4220 M S H

Bowdoin Fire and RescueBowdoin207-666-3021 M S H

Bowdoinham Fire DepartmentBowdoinham(207) 666-5961 M S H

Bradford Volunteer Fire DepartmentBradford(207) 327-2135 M S H

Bradley Volunteer Fire DepartmentBradley(207) 827-9273 M S H

Bremen Fire DepartmentBremen(207) 529-5326 M S H

Brewer Fire DepartmentBrewer(207) 989-3000 M S H W

Bridgewater Fire DepartmentBridgewater(207) 429-9856 M S H

Bridgton Fire DepartmentBridgton203-647-8814 M S H

Bristol Fire & RescueNew Harbor(207) 677-3200 M S H

Brooklin Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.Brooklin207-359-4498 M S H

Brooks Volunteer Fire DepartmentBrooks207-722-3254 M S H

Brooksville Fire DepartmentBrooksville207-326-4904 M S H

Brownville Fire DepartmentBrownville(207) 965-2561 M S H

Brunswick Fire DepartmentBrunswick(207) 725-5541 M S H W

Brunswick Naval Air Station Fire DepartmentBrunswick(207) 921-2678 M S H

Buckfield Fire DepartmentBuckfield207-336-2463 M S H

Bucksport Fire DepartmentBucksport(207) 469-7951 M S H

Burnham Fire DepartmentBurnham100-100-1000 M S H

Buxton Fire-RescueBuxton(207) 929-3099 M S H W

Byron Volunteer Fire DepartmentByron000-000-0000 M S H

Calais Fire DeptCalais(207) 454-7400 M S H

Camden Fire DepartmentCamden(207) 236-7950 M S H W

Canton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCanton(207) 597-2404 M S H

Cape Elizabeth Fire DepartmentCape Elizabeth(207) 799-6409 M S H W

Cape Porpoise Fire DepartmentCape Porpoise(207) 967-4917 M S H

Caratunk Volunteer Fire DepartmentCaratunk(207) 672-4004 M S H

Caribou Fire & AmbulanceCaribou(207) 493-4204 M S H W


Casco Fire DepartmentCasco207-693-6850 M S H

Castine Volunteer Fire DepartmentCastine207-326-8767 M S H W

Charlotte Volunteer Fire DepartmentCharlotte(207) 454-8078 M S H

Chelsea Fire DepartmentChelsea(207) 582-4802 M S H

Cherryfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentCherryfield(207) 564-7416 M S H

Chesterville Fire DepartmentChesterville(207) 778-9633 M S H

China Village Volunteer Fire DepartmentChina000-000-0000 M S H

City of Rockland Fire DepartmentRockland(207) 594-0318 M S H W

City of Saco Fire DepartmentSaco(207) 282-3244 M S H

Clifton Fire DepartmentClifton207-843-5132 M S H

Clinton Fire DepartmentClinton(207) 426-8522 M S H

Cooper Volunteer Fire DepartmentCooper000-000-0000 M S H

Corinth Fire DepartmentCorinth207-285-3303 M S H W

Cornish Volunteer Fire DepartmentCornish(207) 625-3355 M S H

Cornville Volunteer Fire DepartmentCornville(207) 474-8995 M S H

Cumberland Fire DepartmentCumberland207-829-5421 M S H W

Cundy's Harbor Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Harpswell207-729-0622 M S H

Cushing Fire DepartmentCushing(207) 354-2375 M S H

Danforth Fire DepartmentDanforth(207) 448-2255 M S H

Deblois Fire DeptDeblois(207) 638-2561 M S H

Dedham-Lucerne Fire DepartmentHolden(207) 843-7530 M S H

Deer Isle Fire DepartmentDeer Isle207-348-6618 M S H

Denmark Fire DepartmentDenmark207-452-2300 M S H

Dennys River Volunteer Fire DepartmentDennysville207-726-4006 M S H

Detroit Fire and RescueDetroit207-257-3107 M S H

Dexter Fire DepartmentDexter(207) 924-7301 M S H

Dixfield Fire CompanyDixfield207-562-7629 M S H

Dover-Foxcroft Fire DepartmentDover-Foxcroft(207) 564-2610 M S H

Durham Fire & RescueDurham(207) 353-6269 M S H

East Dixfield Fire DepartmentEast Dixfield000-000-0000 M S H

Eastbrook Volunteer Fire DepartmentEastbrook207-565-8907 M S H

Easton Fire DepartmentEaston(207) 488-6652 M S H

Eddington Fire DepartmentEddington(207) 843-5251 M S H

Eliot Fire DepartmentEliot(207) 439-1253 M S H

Ellsworth Fire DepartmentEllsworth(207) 667-8666 M S H W

Eustis Fire DepartmentStratton(207) 246-4391 M S H

Fairfield Fire RescueFairfield(207) 453-2429 M S H

Falmouth Fire- EMS DepartmentFalmouth(207) 781-2610 M S H W

Farmingdale Fire DepartmentFarmingdale(207) 582-2225 M S H


Fayette Fire DepartmentFayette207-685-3503 M S H

Fort Fairfield Fire DepartmentFort fairfield(207) 472-3809 M S H

Fort Kent Fire & RescueFort Kent(207) 834-3575 M S H

Franklin Fire DepartmentFranklin(207) 565-2929 M S H

Freedom Volunteer Fire DepartmentFreedom(207) 382-6110 M S H

Freeport Fire RescueFreeport(207) 865-3421 M S H

Friendship Fire DepartmentFRIENDSHIP207-832-4857 M S H

Frye Island Fire DepartmentFrye Island(207) 655-8618 M S H

Fryeburg Fire DepartmentFryeburg(207) 935-2615 M S H

Gardiner Fire DepartmentGardiner(207) 582-4535 M S H

Glenburn Fire DepartmentGlenburn207-942-6118 M S H W

Goldsboro Fire DepartmentProspect Harbor(207) 963-5582 M S H

Goodwins Mills Fire Department, Inc.Lyman(207) 499-2362 M S H W

Gorham Fire DepartmentGorham(207) 839-6762 M S H

Grand Isle Fire DepartmentGrand Isle(207) 895-3595 M S H

Greenbush Fire DepartmentOlamon(207) 826-2202 M S H

Greene Maine Volunteer Fire DepartmentGreene207-946-5192 M S H

Greenwood Fire DepartmentGreenwood(207) 875-2888 M S H

Hallowell Fire DepartmentHallowell(207) 623-2860 M S H

Hampden Fire DepartmentHampden207-862-4586 M S H W

Hancock Volunteer Fire AssocationHancock(207) 422-3393 M S H W

Harrington Volunteer Fire DepartmentHarrington(207) 483-4750 M S H

Harrison Fire DepartmentHarrison(207) 583-6011 M S H

Haynesville Fire DepartmentHaynesville207-448-2239 M S H

Hebron Volunteer Fire DepartmentHebron207-966-2070 M S H

Hermon Fire DepartmentHermon(207) 848-5910 M S H

Hodgdon Volunteer Fire DepartmentHodgdon(207) 532-6498 M S H

Holden Fire / RescueHolden(207) 843-5151 M S H

Hollis Fire DepartmentHollis(207) 929-6100 M S H

Hope Fire DepartmentHope(207) 763-3411 M S H

Houlton Fire DepartmentHoulton(207) 532-1320 M S H

Hudson Volunteer Fire DepartmentHudson(207) 327-2125 M S H

Indian Township Fire & RescueIndian Township(207) 796-2274 M S H

Industry Volunteer Fire CompanyIndustry207-778-5100 M S H

Island Falls Fire DepartmentIsland Falls(207) 463-2190 M S H

Isle Au Haut Fie DepartmentIsle Au Haut207-335-2014 M S H

Jackman - Moose River Fire DepartmentJackman(207) 668-4043 M S H W

Jackson Volunteer Fire DepartmentJackson000-000-0000 M S H

Jay Fire/ Rescue DepartmentJay(207) 897-6766 M S H W

Jefferson Fire and RescueJefferson(207) 549-5394 M S H

Jonesboro Volunteer Fire DepartmentJonesboro(207) 434-5141 M S H

Kenduskeag Volunteer Fire DepartmentKenduskeag207-884-8645 M S H

Kennebunk Fire RescueKennebunk(207) 985-2102 M S H W

Kennebunkport Fire DepartmentKennebunkport(207) 967-2114 M S H

Kezar Falls Fire DepartmentKezar Falls(207) 625-8625 M S H

Kingfield Fire DepartmentKingfield207-265-2783 M S H

Kingman Volunteer Fire DepartmentKingman207-765-2225 M S H

Kittery Fire DeptKittery(207) 439-2262 M S H

LaGrange Volunteer Fire DepartmentLaGrange(207) 943-7496 M S H

Lamoine Volunteer Fire DepartmentLamoine(207) 667-2242 M S H W


Lee Volunteer Fire DepartmentLee(207) 738-3473 M S H

Levant Fire DepartmentLevant(207) 884-7574 M S H

Lewiston Fire DepartmentLewiston(207) 784-5713 M S H W

Liberty Volunteer Fire DepartmentLiberty(207) 589-4327 M S H

Limestone Fire DepartmentLimestone(207) 325-4703 M S H

Limington Fire & EMSLimington207-637-2244 M S H

Lincoln Fire DepartmentLincoln(207) 794-8161 M S H

Lincolnville Fire DepartmentLincolnville(207) 763-3898 M S H

Linneus Fire DepartmentHoulton(207) 532-3526 M S H

Lisbon Fire DepartmentLisbon207-353-3000 M S H W

Litchfield Fire DepartmentLitchfield(207) 268-9307 M S H

Littleton Fire DepartmentLittleton(207) 538-9540 M S H

Livermore Falls Fire DepartmentLivermore Falls(207) 897-3424 M S H

Livermore Fire DepartmentLivermore(207) 897-3207 M S H


Loring Fire DepartmentLimestone207-328-4108 M S H

Lovell Volunteer Fire CompanyLovell(207) 925-2623 M S H

Lubec Municipal Fire DepartmentLubec(207) 733-4641 M S H


Machias Volunteer Fire DepartmentMachias(207) 255-4424 M S H

Madawaska Fire DepartmentMadawaska(207) 728-7716 M S H

Madison Fire DepartmentMadison(207) 696-4146 M S H

Manchester Fire DepartmentManchester207-622-5402 M S H


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Mapleton-Castle Hill-Chapman Fire DepartmentMapleton(207) 760-8001 M S H

Mariaville Volunteer Fire Rescue DepartmentMariaville(207) 537-2010 M S H

Mars Hill Fire DepartmentMars Hill207-425-3731 M S H

Mattawamkeag Fire - RescueMattawamkeag(207) 736-2931 M S H W

Mechanic Falls Fire DepartmentMechanic Falls(207) 345-9896 M S H

Meddybemps Volunteer Fire DepartmentMeddyebmps(207) 454-3242 M S H

Medway Fire DepartmentMedway207-746-9531 M S H

Milbridge Fire DepartmentMilbridge(207) 546-2345 M S H

Milford Fire DeptMilford(207) 827-6164 M S H

Millinocket Fire DepartmentMillinocket207-723-7026 M S H

Milo Fire DepartmentMilo207-943-2303 M S H

Minot Fire DepartmentMinot207-345-3115 M S H

Monroe Volunteer Fire DepartmentMonroe(207) 525-4499 M S H

Monson Volunteer Fire DepartmentMonson(207) 997-3676 M S H

Morrill Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorrill(207) 342-5910 M S H

Mount Desert Fire-Rescue DepartmentNortheast Harbor(207) 276-3356 M S H

Mount Vernon Fire DepartmentMount Vernon(207) 293-2114 M S H W

Mt. Chase Fire DepartmentMt. Chase(207) 528-2900 M S H

Naples Fire DepartmentNaples(207) 693-6850 M S H

NCTAMS LAT Detacment Cutler Fire DivisionCutler(207) 259-8260 M S H

New Gloucester Fire/RescueNew Gloucester(207) 926-4142 M S H

New Sharon Fire/RescueNew Sharon207-778-2710 M S H

Newburgh Volunteer Fire DepartmentNewburgh(207) 234-4153 M S H

Newcastle Fire DepartmentNewcastle(207) 563-3888 M S H

Newfield Fire DepartmentWest Newfield(207) 793-8832 M S H

Newport Fire DepartmentNewport(207) 368-2533 M S H

Norridgewock Fire DepartmentNorridgewock(207) 634-2208 M S H W

North Berwick Fire DepartmentNorth Berwick(207) 676-2611 M S H

North Haven Fire DepartmentNorth Haven(207) 867-4634 M S H

North Yarmouth Fire/RescueNorth Yarmouth(207) 829-3025 M S H

Northport Volunteer Fire DepartmentNorthport(207) 338-6200 M S H

Norway Fire DepartmentNorway(207) 743-5300 M S H

Oakfield Fire DepartmentOakfield207-757-8140 M S H

Oakland Fire DepartmentOakland(207) 465-2631 M S H

Ogunquit Fire DepartmentOgunquit(207) 646-5112 M S H

Old Orchard Beach Fire-RescueOld Orchard Beach(207) 934-4911 M S H W

Old Town Fire DepartmentOld Town(207) 827-3400 M S H W

Orland Fire DepartmentOrland(207) 469-3079 M S H

Orono Fire DepartmentOrono(207) 866-4000 M S H

Orrington Volunteer Fire DepartmentOrrington207-825-3530 M S H

Orr's & Bailey Islands Fire DepartmentOrr's Island000-000-0000 M S H

Otisfield Fire DepartmentOtisfield207-627-7057 M S H

Owlshead Fire DepartmentOwlshead207-596-7167 M S H

Oxford Fire DepartmentOxford(207) 539-4509 M S H

Palermo Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Palermo207-993-2585 M S H

Paris Fire DepartmentParis207-743-2501 M S H

Passadumkeag Volunteer Fire DepartmentPassadumkeag(207) 732-4025 M S H

Patten Fire DepartmentPatten(207) 528-2197 M S H

Pembroke VFDPembroke000-000-0000 M S H

Penobscot Nation Fire DepartmentIndian Island207-827-2935 M S H

Perry Volunteer Fire DepartmentPerry000-000-0000 M S H

Peru Fire DepartmentPeru(207) 562-7551 M S H

Phillips Muncipal Fire DepartmentPhillips(207) 639-3317 M S H

Phippsburg Fire DepartmentPhippsburg(207) 389-2417 M S H

Pittsfield Fire DepartmentPittsfield(207) 487-4439 M S H

Pittston Fire DepartmentPITTSTON(207) 582-8737 M S H

Pleasant Point Fire DepartmentPerry207-853-2551 M S H

Pleasant Ridge Plantation Volunteer Fire DepartmentPleasant Ridge Plantation207-672-3204 M S H

Plymouth Fire DepartmentPlymouth207-257-3010 M S H

Portland Fire DepartmentPortland(207) 874-8400 M S H W

Pownal Fire and RescuePownal(207) 688-2211 M S H

Presque Isle Fire DepartmentPresque Isle(207) 769-0881 M S H

Prospect Fire DepartmentProspect207-567-3661 M S H

Randolph Fire DepartmentRandolph(207) 582-5808 M S H

Rangeley Fire DepartmentRangeley207-864-3800 M S H

Raymond Fire and RescueRaymond(207) 655-7851 M S H W

Readfield Fire DepartmentReadfield(207) 685-4401 M S H

Richmond Fire DepartmentRichmond(207) 737-8821 M S H

Robbinston Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Robbinston207-454-3474 M S H

Rockport Fire DepartmentRockport(207) 236-4437 M S H

Rockwood Volunteer Fire/ RescueRockwood207-534-7400 M S H

Rumford Fire DepartmentRumford(207) 364-2901 M S H W

Sabattus Fire DeptSabattus(207) 375-4201 M S H

Saco Valley Fire AssociationFryeburg207-697-2475 M S H

Saint Agatha Volunteer Fire DepartmentSaint Agatha207-543-6608 M S H

Saint George Fire DepartmentTenants Harbor(207) 372-6363 M S H

Salem Fire DepartmentSalem207-684-3533 M S H

Sanford Fire DepartmentSanford(207) 324-9160 M S H W

Sangerville Fire DepartmentSangerville(207) 876-4181 M S H

Scarborough Fire DepartmentScarborough(207) 883-4542 M S H W

Searsmont Volunteer Fire DepartmentSearsmont207-342-5325 M S H

Searsport Fire DepartmentSearsport(207) 548-2302 M S H W

Sebago Fire DepartmentSebago(207) 787-4515 M S H

Sebec Volunteer Fire DepartmentSebec(207) 564-2090 M S H

Seboeis Plantation Volunteer Fire DepartmentSeboeis PLT207-732-5369 M S H

Sedgwick Fire DeptSedgwick(207) 359-8997 M S H

Sherman Mills Fire DepartmentSherman Mills000-000-0000 M S H

Sidney Fire DepartmentSidney(207) 547-3159 M S H

Skowhegan Fire DepartmentSkowhegan(207) 474-3400 M S H

Smithfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmithfield207-362-6286 M S H

Solon Volunteer Fire DepartmentSolon(207) 643-2291 M S H

South Berwick Fire DepartmentSouth Berwick(207) 384-2731 M S H W

South Bristol Fire DepartmentSouth Bristol207-644-8389 M S H W


South Portland Fire DepartmentSouth Portland(207) 799-3314 M S H

South Thomaston Fire DepartmentSouth Thomaston207-593-9380 M S H

Southwest Harbor Fire DepartmentSouthwest Harbor(207) 244-7911 M S H

Springfield Fire DepartmentSpringfield(207) 738-4134 M S H

ST Albans Volunteer Fire DepartmentSt Albans(207) 938-4475 M S H

St Francis Fire DepartmentSt Francis(207) 398-3175 M S H

Standish Fire Emergency Management ServicesStandish(207) 642-4343 M S H W

Starks Fire/RescueStarks(207) 696-8069 M S H

Stetson Fire/ RescueStetson(207) 296-3900 M S H W

Steuben Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Steuben(207) 546-2134 M S H

Stockholm Fire DepartmentStockholm(207) 896-3001 M S H

Stockton Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentStockton Springs(207) 567-3430 M S H

Stoneham Fire DepartmentStoneham000-000-0000 M S H

Strong Fire DepartmentStrong(207) 684-3713 M S H

Sullivan Volunteer Fire AssociationSullivan(207) 422-3220 M S H

Sweden Volunteer Fire DepartmentSweden(207) 647-2856 M S H

Temple Fire DepartmentTemple462-7527 M S H

Thomaston Fire DepartmentThomaston(207) 354-6345 M S H

Thorndike Volunteer Fire DepartmentThorndike(207) 568-3737 M S H W

Topsham Fire DepartmentTopsham(207) 725-7581 M S H

Town of East Machias Fire DepartmentEast Machias207-255-8598 M S H

Town of Shapleigh Fire DeptShapleigh(207) 636-2211 M S H

Town of Swan's Island Fire DepartmentSwan's Island207-526-4279 M S H

Town of Vanceboro Fire DepartmentVanceboro000-000-0000 M S H

Town of Washington Fire DepartmentWashington207-845-2245 M S H

Town of Winterport Fire DepartmentWinterport(207) 223-4062 M S H

Tremont Volunteer Fire DepartmentBass Harbor207-244-3586 M S H

Trenton Fire DepartmentTrenton(207) 667-7207 M S H

Triangle Fire DepartmentBurlington(207) 732-3176 M S H

Union Fire DeptUnion(207) 785-4306 M S H

Unity Volunteer Fire DepartmentUnity(207) 948-5763 M S H

Van Buren Fire DepartmentVan Buren(207) 868-2800 M S H

Vassalboro Fire DepartmentNorth Vassalboro(207) 872-2341 M S H

Veazie Fire DepartmentVeazie(207) 945-5627 M S H W

Vinalhaven VFDVinalhaven(207) 863-4604 M S H

Waldo Volunteer Fire DepartmentWaldo207-342-5122 M S H

Waldoboro Fire DepartmentWaldoboro(207) 832-5369 M S H

Wales Fire DepartmentWales(207) 375-4056 M S H W

Waltham Volunteer Fire DepartmentWaltham(207) 584-3473 M S H

Washburn Fire and RescueWashburn(207) 455-8485 M S H

Waterboro Fire & EMSWaterboro207-247-5299 M S H W

Waterford Fire DepartmentWaterford207-583-2410 M S H


Wayne Fire DepartmentWayne(207) 685-4600 M S H

Wellington Volunteer Fire DepartmentWellington207-683-2606 M S H

Wells Fire DepartmentWells(207) 646-7912 M S H W

West Fork Volunteer Fire DepartmentWest Fork(207) 663-2214 M S H

West Gardiner Fire DepartmentWest Gardiner(207) 724-3256 M S H

West Paris Fire DepartmentWest Paris(207) 674-2288 M S H

Westbrook Fire & RescueWestbrook(207) 854-0654 M S H W

Westport Volunteer Fire DepartmentWestport(207) 882-6806 M S H

Whitefield Fire DepartmentWhitefield202-549-5285 M S H

Wilton Fire and RescueWilton207-645-2211 M S H

Windham Fire- RescueWindham(207) 892-2525 M S H

Winslow Fire DepartmentWinslow(207) 872-6512 M S H

Winter Harbor Fire DepartmentWinter Harbor(207) 963-5533 M S H

Winthrop Fire DepartmentWinthrop207-377-7223 M S H W

Wiscasset Fire DepartmentWiscasset207-882-8210 M S H

Woodstock Fire DepartmentBryant Pond207-665-2345 M S H W

Woolwich Fire DepartmentWoolwich(207) 443-3589 M S H

Yarmouth Fire-RescueYarmouth(207) 846-2410 M S H W

York Beach Fire DepartmentYork Beach(207) 363-1014 M S H W

York Fire DeptYork(207) 363-1015 M S H W


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