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119th CES/CEFFARGO(701) 451-2220 M S H

Abercrombie FPDAbercrombie(701) 553-8307 M S H

Alamo Rural Fire Protection DistrictALAMO(701) 528-3662 M S H

Alexander Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlexander701-828-3352 M S H

Alice Fire Rural Fire Dist.Alice(701) 689-6430 M S H

Almont Rural Fire Protection District #1Almont(701) 843-7795 M S H

Amidon Fire Protection DistrictAmidon(701) 879-6290 M S H

Anamoose Fire DeptAnamoose(701) 465-3074 M S H

Aneta Fire Protection DistrictAneta(701) 326-4500 M S H

Antler Rural Fire Protection DistrictAntler701-267-3600 M S H

Argusville FPDArgusville(701) 484-5735 M S H

Arthur Volunteer Fire DepartmentArthur701-967-8312 M S H

Ashley Fire DepartmentAshley(701) 288-3091 M S H

Barney Fire Protection DistrictBarney701-439-2749 M S H

Beach Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeach701-872-3200 M S H

Belcourt RFDBelcourt(701) 477-3185 M S H

Belfield VFDBelfield(701) 575-4235 M S H

Billings County Rural Fire Protection Dist.Medora701-623-4577 M S H

Binford Fire Protection DistrictBinford701-676-2507 M S H

Bismarck Fire DepartmentBismarck(701) 250-7671 M S H W

Bismarck Rural Fire DepartmentBismarck(701) 258-5792 M S H

Bottineau Fire DepartmentBottineau(701) 228-3742 M S H

Bottineau Rural Fire DepartmentBottineau(701) 228-3742 M S H

Bowbells Fire Protection DistrictBowbells701-377-2307 M S H

Bowdon Fire DepartmentBowdon701-962-3680 M S H

Bowman Fire DepartmentBowman701-523-5411 M S H

Braddock Fire Protection DistrictBraddock701-332-6670 M S H

Brocket Lawton Fire DepartmentBrocket701-655-3550 M S H

Buffalo Fire DeptBuffalo(701) 633-5329 M S H

Burlington Fire DepartmentBurlington701-839-5463 M S H W

Butte Rural Fire Protection DistrictButte701-626-7500 M S H


Cando Rural Fire Protection DistrictCando701-968-3450 M S H

Carpio FPDCarpio701-468-5432 M S H

Carrington City Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarrington(701) 652-2113 M S H

Carrington Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarrington(701) 652-2113 M S H

Casselton Fire DepartmentCasselton(701) 347-4026 M S H

Casselton Rural Fire DepartmentCasselton(701) 347-4026 M S H

Cathay FPDCathay(701) 984-2300 M S H

Cavalier Air Force Station Fire DepartmentCavalier(701) 993-8277 M S H

Cavalier Fire DepartmentCavalier(701) 265-4342 M S H

Cedar Valley Fire Protection DistrictCarson701-522-3477 M S H

center fire prot distcenter(701) 794-8730 M S H

Christine Community Fire DistrictChristine701-998-2214 M S H

Cleveland Rural Fire DistrictCleveland(701) 763-6186 M S H

Clifford RFPDClifford000-0000 M S H

Cogswell Fire Protection DistrictCogswell701-724-3881 M S H

Columbus Volunteer Fire Department (City & Rural)Columbus(701) 939-5243 M S H

Concrete Volunteer Fire DepartmentConcrete(701) 549-3267 M S H

Cooperstown Fire DeptCooperstown701-797-2511 M S H

Courtenay Rural Fire DistrictCourtenay000-000-0000 M S H

Crosby and Rural Fire DepartmentCrosby701-965-6304 M S H

Crystal Fire DistrictCrystal(701) 657-2487 M S H

Dawson Rural Fire Protection Dist.Dawson(701) 327-4262 M S H


Des Lacs Fire Protection DistrictDes Lacs(701) 725-4629 M S H

Devils Lake RFDDevils lake(701) 662-4818 M S H

Dickinson Fire DeptDickinson(701) 264-7625 M S H

Dickinson RFDDickinson(701) 227-0227 M S H

DonnyBrook Fire DepartmentDonnyBrook701-482-7720 M S H

Drake Fire DepartmentDrake(701) 465-3618 M S H

Drake Rural Fire Protection DistrictDrake(701) 465-3618 M S H

Drayton Fire DeptDrayton(701) 454-3599 M S H

Dunseich Fire Protection DistrictWillow City(701) 244-5591 M S H

Dunseith Fire DepartmentDunseith701-244-0785 M S H

Dwight FPDWahpeton(701) 642-4076 M S H

Edgeley Fire DepartmentEdgeley(701) 493-2208 M S H

Edinburg Fire Protection DistrictEdinburg(701) 993-8123 M S H

Egeland Rural Fire Protection DistrictEgeland701-266-5440 M S H

Ellendale Fire Protection DistrictEllendale(701) 349-3050 M S H

Emerado Rural Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Emerado(701) 594-2498 M S H

Enderlin Rural FPDEndealin(701) 437-2135 M S H

Epping RFDEpping(701) 859-5561 M S H

Erie Rural Fire DeptAmenia(701) 668-2340 M S H

Fairdale Rural Fire Protection DistrictFairdale(701) 966-2500 M S H

Fairmount Fire Protection DistrictFairmount(701) 474-5722 M S H

Fargo Fire DepartmentFargo(701) 241-1540 M S H W

Ferry Twp Rural FPDManuel(701) 741-6279 M S H

Fessenden Fire Protection DistrictFresseden000-000-0000 M S H

Fingal Fire DepartmentFingal701-924-8783 M S H

Finley Fire District #203Finley701-524-2346 M S H

Flasher Rural Fire Protection DistrictFlasher701-597-3322 M S H

Forbes RFDForbes(701) 357-7111 M S H

Fordville RFPDFordville M S H

Forest River Fire DepartmentForest RIver000-000-0000 M S H

Forman Fire DistrictForman701-724-3623 M S H

Fort Ransom RFDFort Ransom (701) 973-7866 M S H

Fortuna Rural Fire Protection DistrictFortuna(701) 834-2212 M S H

Fredonia Fire Protection District #1Fredonia701-698-2222 M S H

Fullerton Fire DepartmentFullerton701-375-7222 M S H

Gackle Fire DeptGackle M S H

Galesburg Rural Fire DistrictGalesburg701-488-2252 M S H

Garrison Fire DeptGarrison(701) 463-2728 M S H

Garrison Rural Fire Protection DistrictGarrison(701) 463-2728 M S H

Gilby fire protection districtGilby(701) 869-2402 M S H

Gladstone Consolidated Fire DeptGladstone(701) 225-6220 M S H

Glenburn Fire Protection DistrictGlenburn(701) 362-7970 M S H

Glenfield Fire DistrictGlenfield701-785-2515 M S H

Golden Valley RFDGolden Valley000-000-0000 M S H

Golva Rural Fire DepartmentGolva(701) 872-4964 M S H

Goodrich Rural Fire DepartmentGoodrich701-884-2755 M S H

Goodrich Rural FPDDenhoff(701) 884-2639 M S H

Grafton City Fire DepartmentGrafton701-352-2278 M S H

Grafton Rural Fire DepartmentGrafton701-352-2278 M S H

Grand Forks AFBGrand Forks AFB(701) 747-6304 M S H

Grand Forks Airport Fire/ RescueGrand Forks(701) 795-6984 M S H W

Grand Forks Fire DepartmentGrand Forks(701) 746-2566 M S H W

Grandin Fire DepartmentGrandin701-484-5785 M S H

Granville FPDGranville(701) 728-6333 M S H

Grassy Butte Fire Protection DistrictGrassy Butte000-000-0000 M S H

Great Bend Fire Protection DistrictGreat Bend701-545-7499 M S H

Greater Carson Rural Fire Protection DistrictCarson(701) 622-3700 M S H

Grenora RFPDGrenora(701) 694-6203 M S H

Gwinner Fire DepartmentGwinner701-678-2700 M S H

Hague Fire Protection DistrictHague701-336-7727 M S H

Halliday RFPDHalliday(701) 938-9675 M S H

Hankinson Fire Protection DistrictHankinson(701) 242-7163 M S H

Hannaford Rural Fire DepartmentHannaford701-769-2200 M S H

Harvey Rural Fire Protection DistrictMartin(701) 693-2313 M S H

Harvey Volunteer Fire DepartmentHarvey(701) 324-2220 M S H

Harwood Area Fire & RescueHarwood(701) 281-0314 M S H

Hatton Fire DeptHatton(701) 543-3243 M S H

Havana FPDHavana M S H

Hazelton Fire Protection DistrictHazelton701-782-4112 M S H

Hazen Fire & RescueHazen(701) 748-5550 M S H

Hebron FPDHebron(911) 911-0911 M S H

Hettinger FPDHettinger(701) 567-4313 M S H

Hoople Fire DepartmentHoople(701) 894-6299 M S H

Hoople Rural Fire DepartmentHoople(701) 894-6299 M S H

Hope Fire DeptHope(701) 945-2400 M S H

Hunter Fire Protection DistrictHunter(701) 874-2106 M S H


Jamestown Fire DeptJamestown(701) 252-1441 M S H

Jamestown RFDJamestown(701) 252-5741 M S H

Jud Rural Fire DistrictJud100-100-1000 M S H

Karlsruhe Rural Fire DepartmentKarlsruhe701-525-6634 M S H


Kensal Fire Protection DistrictKensal701-435-2815 M S H

Kindred Community Fire DistrictKindred(701) 261-3509 M S H

Kramer Volunteer Fire DepartmentKramer000-000-0000 M S H

Kulm Volunteer Fire DepartmentKulm701-647-2451 M S H

Lakota Fire Protection DistrictLakota701-247-2241 M S H

LaMoure Fire DepartmentLaMoure701-883-5455 M S H W

Langdon Fire DepartmentLangdon(701) 256-3335 M S H

Langdon Rural Fire Protection DistrictLangdon(701) 256-3335 M S H

Lankin Fire DepartmentLankin701-593-6226 M S H

Lansford Fire DeptLansford000-000-0000 M S H

Larimore Fire DeptLarimore(701) 343-2075 M S H

Lehr Fire DepartmentLehr701-378-2388 M S H

Lehr Rural Fire DepartmentLehr701-378-2388 M S H

Leonard FPDLeonard(701) 645-2211 M S H

Lidgerwood Fire DeptLidgerwood(701) 538-4350 M S H

Linton Fire DepartmentLinton(701) 254-4600 M S H

Lisbon Fire DepartmentLisbon(701) 683-4632 M S H

Litchville Fire DeptLitchville(701) 762-4264 M S H

Maddock Rural Fire Protection DistrictMaddock(701) 438-2111 M S H

Mandan Fire DepartmentMandan(701) 667-3288 M S H W

Mandan RFDMandan(701) 663-6624 M S H

Mantador FirefightersMantador701-242-8335 M S H

Mapleton Fire DeptMapleton(701) 433-7268 M S H

Marion Fire DeptMarion(701) 669-2253 M S H

Marmarth Rural Fire DistrictMarmarth701-279-5888 M S H

Max Bass RFPDMax Bass(701) 268-3110 M S H

Mayville Fire DepartmentMayville701-786-3636 M S H

McClusky City Fire DeptMcClusky(701) 363-2246 M S H

McHenry Rural Fire DeptMcHenry(701) 785-2512 M S H

McKenzie County Rural Fire Protection DistrictWatford701-444-2934 M S H

McVille FPDMcVille(701) 322-4950 M S H

Medina Fire DeptMedina(701) 486-3164 M S H

Medora Fire DeptMedora(701) 623-4854 M S H

Mercer Rural Fire Protection District Mercer(701) 447-2436 M S H

Merricourt Fire DepartmentMerricourt701-396-7611 M S H

Milnor Fire DistMilnor M S H

Minnewaukan Fire DeptMinnewaukan(701) 473-2531 M S H

Minnewaukan RFODMinnewaukan M S H

Minot AFB Fire DepartmentMinot AFB(701) 723-2461 M S H

Minot Fire DepartmentMinot (701) 857-4740 M S H W

Minot Rural Fire Protection DistrictMinot(701) 838-6363 M S H W

Minto Fire DepartmentMINTO701-248-3954 M S H

Mohall Fire DeptMohall M S H

Mohall Fire Protection DistrictMohall(701) 756-6400 M S H

Mooreton Fire DeptMooreton(701) 274-8827 M S H

Mott Fire DepartmentMott701-824-2410 M S H

Mountain-Thingvalla Fire Protection DistrictMountain(701) 993-8110 M S H

Mylo Fire DepartmentMylo(701) 656-3464 M S H


Napoleon FPDNapoleon(701) 754-2480 M S H

Neche Fire Protection DistrictNeche701-886-7422 M S H

Nekoma Fire Protection DistrictNekoma(701) 949-2133 M S H

New England Fire DepartmentNew England701-579-4422 M S H


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New Leipzig Rural Fire DistrictNew Leipzig701-584-2055 M S H

New Rockford Fire Dept & RescueNew Rockford(701) 947-2404 M S H

New Salem VFDNew Salem(701) 843-7111 M S H

Newburg Rural Fire DepartmentNewburg(701) 245-6202 M S H

Nome Volunteer Fire DepartmentNome701-924-8200 M S H

Noonan Fire DeptNoonan(701) 925-5783 M S H

Northwood Fire Protection DistrictNorthwood701-587-6301 M S H

Oakes Fire DeptOakes(701) 742-2161 M S H

Oriska Volunteer Fire DepartmentOriska701-845-1386 M S H

Osnabrock RFPDOsnabrock(701) 496-3104 M S H

Page Fire Dept.Page(701) 668-2546 M S H

Park River RFPDPark River(701) 284-6302 M S H

Park River Volunteer Fire DepartmentPark River(701) 284-6302 M S H

Parshall Rural Fire Protection DistrictParshall701-862-3151 M S H

Pekin FPDPekin(701) 296-4522 M S H

Pembina Rural Fire DepartmentPembina701-825-6225 M S H

Petersburg FPDPetersburg000-000-0000 M S H

Pick City Fire DeptPick City(701) 487-3326 M S H

Pisek RFPDPisek M S H

Plaza Fire Protection DistrictPlaza701-497-3368 M S H

Portland FPDPortland(701) 786-3812 M S H

Powers Lake Volunteer Fire Protection DistrictPowers Lake701-466-5050 M S H

Ray Fire Protection DistrictRAY701-568-3421 M S H

Regent Rural Fire Protection District #1Regent(701) 563-4445 M S H

Reynolds Rural Fire Protection DistrictReynolds(701) 847-2122 M S H

Rhame Rural Fire Potection DistrictRhame701-279-5584 M S H

Richardton Fire Protection DistrictRichardton(701) 974-2436 M S H

Robinson Rural Fire DepartmentRobinson(701) 392-5101 M S H

Rock Lake Rural Fire ProtectionRock Lake701-266-5315 M S H

Rogers VFDRogers(701) 646-6543 M S H

Rolette Fire DepartmentRolette701-246-3287 M S H

Rolla Volunteer Fire DepartmentRolla(701) 477-3610 M S H

Rugby Fire DeptRugby000-000-0000 M S H

Ryder-Makoti Fire DeptRyder(701) 758-2281 M S H

Sanborn Fire DepartmentSanborn(701) 646-6037 M S H

Sanborn Rural Fire Protection DistrictSanborn(701) 646-6321 M S H

Sarles Rural Fire Protection DistrictSarles701-697-5250 M S H

Scranton Fire Departmantscranton(701) 275-6288 M S H

Selfridge RFDSelfridge000-000-0000 M S H

Sentinel Butte Volunteer Fire Department/ Sentinel Rural Fire Protection DistrictSentinel Butte701-872-3964 M S H

Sherwood Fire DepartmentSherwood701-459-2496 M S H

Sheyenne City & Rural Fire DeptSheyenne(701) 996-2551 M S H

Sibley VFDSibley M S H

Sioux-Yellowstone Rural Fire Protection DistrictCartwright(701) 744-5886 M S H

Solen Rural Fire DistrictSolen000-000-0000 M S H

Souris Rural Fire Protection DistrictSouris(701) 243-6377 M S H

South Heart Fire DistrictSouth Heart701-677-5571 M S H

Spirit Lake Volunteer Fire DepartmentFort Totten(701) 766-4222 M S H

St John FPD # 5St John000-000-0000 M S H

ST Thomas Rural Fire Protection DistrictST Thomas(701) 257-6699 M S H

Stanley Fire DepartmentStanley(701) 628-2033 M S H

Stanton Rural FPDHazen(701) 748-2591 M S H

Starkweather Fire Protection DistrictStarkweather701-292-4691 M S H

Steele Fire DeptSteele(701) 475-2595 M S H

Strasburg Fire Protection DistrictStrasburg(701) 336-7400 M S H

Streeter FPDStreeter(701) 424-3434 M S H

Surrey FPDSurrey(701) 852-3031 M S H

Sykeston Fire DistrictSykeston000-000-0000 M S H

Tappen Fire DeptartmentTappen701-475-2777 M S H

Taylor RFPDTaylor(701) 974-2196 M S H

Thompson Rural Fire Protection Dist.Thompson701-599-2121 M S H

Three Affiliated Tribes-Fire DepartmentNew Town701-627-2897 M S H

Tioga City Fire DepartmentTioga(701) 664-2538 M S H

Tioga Rural Fire DepartmentTioga(701) 664-2200 M S H

Tolley Volunteer Fire DepartmentTolley701-386-2855 M S H

Tolna Rural Fire Protection DistrictTolna(701) 262-4910 M S H

Tower City RFPDTower City(701) 749-2302 M S H

Towner Fire DepartmentTowner(701) 539-5834 M S H

Turtle Lake Rural Fire Protection DistrictTurtle Lake(701) 448-9245 M S H

Tuttle FPDTuttle(701) 867-2823 M S H

Underwood Fire Protection DistrictUnderwood701-442-5224 M S H

Upham FPDUpham M S H

Valley City Fire DeptValley City (701) 845-3351 M S H

Velva Fire DepartmentVelva(701) 338-2361 M S H

Verona Fire DepartmentVerona(701) 432-5692 M S H

Verona Rural Fire DepartmentVerona(701) 432-5692 M S H

Wahpeton Fire DepartmentWahpeton(701) 642-7777 M S H

Walhalla Fire Dept.Walhalla(701) 549-3193 M S H

Warwick RFDWarwick(701) 294-2681 M S H

Washburn Fire DepartmentWashburn(701) 462-8103 M S H

Washburn Rural Fire Protection DistrictWashburn(701) 462-8103 M S H

Watford City Volunteer Fire DepartmentWatford City(701) 842-2934 M S H

West Dunn Fire DistrictKilldeer(701) 764-5006 M S H

West Fargo Fire Department, Inc.West Fargo(701) 282-3034 M S H W

West Fargo Rural Fire DepartmentWest Fargo(701) 282-3034 M S H

Westhope Fire DeptWesthope(701) 245-6536 M S H

Wildrose Fire Protection DistrictWildrose701-539-2110 M S H

Williston Rural Fire Protection District-AmbulanceWilliston(701) 572-3400 M S H

Willow City Rural Fire Protection DistrictWillow City701-366-4621 M S H

Wilton Fire Protection DistrictWilton701-734-6936 M S H

Wing Fire Protection DistrictWing701-943-2355 M S H

Wishek Fire Protection DistrictWishek(701) 452-4322 M S H W

Wolford FPDWolford(701) 583-2823 M S H

Woodworth Fire DeptWoodworth(701) 752-4133 M S H

Wyndmere Rural Fire Protection DistrictWyndmere000-000-0000 M S H

Zap RFPDZap000-000-0000 M S H

Zeeland Fire Protection DistrictZeeland(701) 423-5648 M S H


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