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Acworth Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company, Inc.Acworth(000) 000-0000 M S H

Allenstown Fire DeptAllenstown603-485-9202 M S H

ALSTEAD Fire DeptALSTEAD(603) 835-2347 M S H

Alton Fire & Rescue DepartmentAlton603-875-0222 M S H

Amherst Fire DepartmentAmherst(603) 673-1545 M S H W

Andover Fire DepartmentAndover603-735-5353 M S H

Antrim Fire DepartmentAntrim(603) 588-2114 M S H W

Ashland Fire & Rescue DeptAshland(603) 968-7772 M S H

Atkinson Fire DepartmentAtkinson(603) 362-5611 M S H

Auburn Fire DepartmentAuburn(603) 483-8141 M S H W

Barnstead Fire-Rescue, Inc.Barnstead(603) 269-4121 M S H

Barrington Fire DeptBarrington(603) 664-2241 M S H

Bartlet Fire DepartmentGlen603-383-9555 M S H

Bath VFDBath(603) 747-2454 M S H

Bedford Fire DeptBedford(603) 472-3219 M S H W

Belmont Fire DepartmentBelmont(603) 267-8333 M S H W

Bennington Fire and RescueBennington603-588-2188 M S H W

Berlin Fire DeptBerlin(603) 752-3136 M S H

Bethlehem Fire DepartmentBethlehem(603) 869-5822 M S H

Boscawen Fire DeptBoscawen(603) 796-2414 M S H

Bradford Fire DeptBradford(603) 938-2231 M S H

Brentwood Fire DeptBrentwood(603) 642-6073 M S H

Bridgewater Fire-Rescue EMSBristol(603) 744-6047 M S H

Bristol Fire DepartmentBristol603-744-2632 M S H

Campton-Thornton Fire DepartmentCampton(603) 726-3300 M S H

Canaan Fire DepartmentCanaan(603) 523-4850 M S H

Candia Fire- RescueCandia603-483-2202 M S H W

Canterbury Fire & Rescuecanterbury(603) 783-4663 M S H

Center Conway Fire DepartmentCenter Conway603-447-5671 M S H

Center Harbor Fire DepartmentCenter Harbor(603) 253-4451 M S H

Charlestown Fire DepartmentCharlestown(603) 826-3311 M S H

Chester Fire DepartmentChester(603) 887-3878 M S H

Chesterfield Fire And RescueChesterfield(603) 363-4665 M S H

Chichester Fire-RescueChichester(603) 798-5954 M S H

Claremont Fire DepartmentClaremont(603) 542-5156 M S H W

Colebrook Fire DepartmentColebrook603-237-5798 M S H

Concord Fire DepartmentConcord603-225-8650 M S H W

Conway Fire/ RescueConway(603) 447-2681 M S H

Cornish Fire DepartmentCornish603-489-3476 M S H

Croydon Volunteer Fire DepartmentCroydon(603) 863-6916 M S H

Danville Fire & Rescue Danville(603) 382-5133 M S H W

Deerfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeerfield603-463-7721 M S H W

Deering Fire & RescueHillsboro(603) 529-4303 M S H

Derry Fire DepartmentDerry(603) 432-6121 M S H W

Dover Fire & Rescue ServiceDover(603) 742-4646 M S H W

Dublin Fire DepartmentDUBLIN603-563-8137 M S H

Dunbarton Volunteer Fire DepartmentDunbarton(603) 774-3542 M S H

Durham Fire DepartmentDurham(603) 862-1426 M S H W


East Derry Fire PrecinctEast Derry(603) 432-9559 M S H W

East KingstonEast Kingston(603) 642-3141 M S H

Easton Fire DepartmentEaston(603) 823-5531 M S H

Epping Fire DepartmentEpping(603) 679-5446 M S H W

Epsom Fire-RescueEpsom(603) 736-9291 M S H

Errol Fire DeptErrol(603) 482-3351 M S H

Exeter Fire DepartmentExeter603-773-6131 M S H W

Farmington Fire Rescue DeptFarmington(603) 755-2131 M S H

Fitzwilliam Fire DepartmentFitzwilliam(603) 585-6561 M S H

Franconia Fire DepartmentFranconia(603) 823-5340 M S H

Franklin Fire & Emergency ServicesFranklin(603) 934-2205 M S H

Freedom Fire and Rescue DepartmentFreedom603-539-4261 M S H

Fremont Fire DepartmentFremont603-895-9634 M S H

Gilford Fire RescueGilford603-527-4758 M S H

Gilmanton Fire DepartmentGilmanton IW(603) 364-2500 M S H

Gilsum Volunteer Fire Dept. & Rescue SquadGilsum603-352-3468 M S H

Goffstown Fire DeptGoffstown(603) 497-3619 M S H

Gorham Fire DepartmentGorham(603) 466-2549 M S H W

Grafton VFDGrafton(603) 523-7900 M S H

Grantham Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrantham(603) 863-5710 M S H

Greenfield VFDGreenfield(603) 547-3501 M S H

Greenland Fire DeptGreenland(603) 436-1188 M S H

Greenville Fire DeptGreenville(603) 878-1242 M S H

Groveton Fire DeptGroveton(603) 636-2181 M S H

Hampstead Fire RescueHampstead(603) 329-6006 M S H

Hampton Falls Fire DeptHampton Falls(603) 926-5752 M S H


Hancock Fire and RescueHancock(603) 525-3366 M S H

Hanover Fire DepartmentHanover603-643-3424 M S H

Harrisville Fire DeptHarrisville(603) 827-3412 M S H

Haverhill Corner Fire DepartmentHaverhill603-989-5655 M S H

Hebron Fire DeptHebron(603) 744-5584 M S H

Henniker Fire DepartmentHenniker(603) 428-7552 M S H

Hill Fire DeptHill(603) 934-5350 M S H

Hillsboro Fire DepartmentHillsboro603-464-3477 M S H

Hinsdale Fire Dept`Hinsdale(603) 336-5512 M S H

Holderness Fire DepartmentHolderness(603) 968-4491 M S H

Hooksett Fire RescueHooksett603-623-7272 M S H W

Hopkinton Fire DeptContoocook(603) 746-3181 M S H

Hudson NH Fire DepartmentHudson(603) 886-6021 M S H W

Jackson Fire DeptJackson(603) 383-4090 M S H

Jaffrey Fire DeptJaffrey(603) 532-8377 M S H

Jefferson Fire DepartmentJefferson(603) 586-4444 M S H W

Keene Fire DepartmentKeene603-357-9861 M S H

Kensington Volunteer Fire DepartmentKensington603-772-5751 M S H

Kingston Fire DeptKingston(603) 642-4166 M S H

Laconia Fire DepartmentLaconia(603) 524-6881 M S H

Lancaster Fire DepartmentLancaster(603) 788-4026 M S H

Landaff Volunteer Fire DepartmentLandaff603-838-5560 M S H

Langdon Fire & RescueLangden(603) 835-6353 M S H

LebanonLebanon(603) 445-8810 M S H W

Lee Fire DeptLee(603) 659-5411 M S H

Lempster Fire DepartmentLempster603-863-6375 M S H

Lincoln Fire DeptLincoln(603) 745-2344 M S H

Lisbon Fire DepartmentLisbon(603) 838-2211 M S H

Litchfield Fire DeptLitchfield(603) 424-8071 M S H

Littleton Fire RescueLittleton(603) 444-2137 M S H W

Londonderry Fire/RescueLondonderry(603) 432-1125 M S H

Loudon Fire DepartmentLoudon(603) 798-5612 M S H

Lyme Fire DepartmentLyme(603) 643-3424 M S H

Madbury Fire DepartmentMadbury(603) 742-1164 M S H W

Manchester Fire DepartmentManchester(603) 669-2256 M S H

Marlborough Fire deptMarlborough(603) 876-4413 M S H

Marlow Fire DepartmentMarlow(603) 446-7511 M S H

Mason Fire-EmsMason(603) 878-2208 M S H

Meredith Fire DepartmentMeredith(603) 279-6061 M S H

Meriden VFDMeridan(603) 469-3334 M S H

Merrimack Fire RescueMerrimack(603) 424-3690 M S H

Middleton Fire and RescueMiddleton(603) 473-2750 M S H

Milford Fire DepartmentMilford(603) 673-3136 M S H

Milton Fire-RescueMilton(603) 652-4201 M S H

Monroe Volunteer Fire DepartmentMonroe603-638-2585 M S H

Mont Vernon Fire DeptMont Vernon(603) 673-9130 M S H

Moultonborough Fire/RescueMoultonborough(603) 476-5658 M S H


N. Hampton F.& R.North Hampton603-964-5500 M S H

Nashua Fire RescueNashua603-594-3651 M S H W

Nelson Fire & RescueNelson(603) 847-9045 M S H

New Boston Fire DepartmentNew Boston603-487-5532 M S H


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New Castle Fire DeptNew Castle(603) 436-1132 M S H

New Durham Fire DeptNew Durham(603) 859-3473 M S H

New Hampton Fire RescueNew Hampton(603) 744-2735 M S H

New Ipswich Fire DepartmentNew Ipswich603-878-1364 M S H

New London Fire DeptNew London(603) 526-6073 M S H W

Newbury Fire DepartmentNewbury(603) 763-4403 M S H W

Newington Fire DepartmentNewington603-436-9441 M S H

Newmarket Fire & RescueNewmarket603-659-3334 M S H W

Newport Fire- EMSNewport(603) 863-1416 M S H

newton,nh fire deptnewton(603) 382-8811 M S H

North Conway Fire DepartmentNorth Conway(603) 356-5327 M S H

North Walpole Fire DepartmentNorth Walpole(603) 445-5353 M S H

Northwood Fire/RescueNorthwood(603) 942-9103 M S H

Nottingham VFDNottingham(603) 679-5666 M S H W

Ossipee Corner Fire DepartmentOssipee(603) 539-2407 M S H

Pelham Fire DeptPelham(603) 635-2703 M S H W

Pembroke Fire DepartmentPembroke(603) 485-3621 M S H W

Peterborough Fire & RescuePeterborough(603) 924-8090 M S H W


Pittsfield Fire DepartmentPittsfield(603) 435-6807 M S H W

Plainfield VFDPlainfield(603) 675-6298 M S H

Plaistow (NH) Fire DepartmentPlaistow(603) 382-5012 M S H

Plymouth Fire RescuePlymouth(603) 536-1253 M S H

Portsmouth Fire Deptportsmouth(603) 427-1515 M S H W

Portsmouth Naval ShipyardPortsmouth(207) 438-1896 M S H

Randolph Fire DepartmentRandolph603-466-3911 M S H


Rindge Fire DepartmentRindge(603) 899-3195 M S H

Rochester Fire DepartmentRochester(603) 335-7545 M S H W

Rollinsford Fire DeptRollinsford(603) 742-2803 M S H

Rumney Fire DepartmentRumney603-786-9924 M S H

Rye Fire DepartmentRye (603) 964-6411 M S H

Salem Fire DepartmentSalem(603) 890-2200 M S H

Sanbornton Fire DepartmentSanbornton(603) 286-4819 M S H

Sandown Fire and Rescue DepartmentSandown603-887-4806 M S H

Sandwich Fire-Rescue DepartmentSandwich(603) 284-6450 M S H

Seabrook Fire DepartmentSeabrook(603) 474-2611 M S H

Shelburne Fire DepartmentShelburne(603) 466-3345 M S H

Somersworth Fire DepartmentSomersworth(603) 692-3957 M S H

South Hampton Fire RescueSouth Hampton603-394-0105 M S H

Spofford Fire DeptSpofford(603) 363-4287 M S H

Stark VFDStark(603) 636-2848 M S H

Stoddard Fire & RescueStoddard603-446-3919 M S H

Strafford Fire & RescueCenter Strafford(603) 269-7123 M S H

Stratford Hollow Fire DepartmentNorth Stratford603-636-2375 M S H

Stratham VFDStratham(603) 772-9756 M S H

Sugar Hill Fire DeptSugar Hill (603) 823-8415 M S H W

Sullivan Fire & RescueSullivan(603) 847-9020 M S H

Surry Volunteer Fire DepartmentSurry603-357-4123 M S H

Sutton VFDNorth Sutton(603) 927-4740 M S H

Tamworth Fire DepartmentTamworth(603) 323-8874 M S H

Temple VFDTemple(603) 878-1972 M S H

Tilton-Northfield Fire DistrictNorthfield(603) 286-4781 M S H

Town of Brookline Fire DepartmentBrookline603-672-8531 M S H

Town of Effingham, Effingham Fire DepartmentEffingham603-539-7956 M S H

Town of Hollis, Hollis Fire DepartmentHollis603-465-6001 M S H

Town of Newfields Fire & RescueNewfields(603) 778-8321 M S H

Town of Swanzey Fire DepartmentSwanzey603-358-6455 M S H

Troy Fire DepartmentTroy603-242-7759 M S H

Tuftonboro Fire & RescueTuftonboro(603) 569-3381 M S H

Twin Mountain Fire Department, Town of CarrollTwin Mountain(603) 846-5545 M S H

Unity Volunteer Fire DepartmentUnity603-543-3838 M S H

Wakefield Fire Rescue DepartmentSanbornville(603) 522-8336 M S H

Walpole Fire DeptWalpole(603) 756-3621 M S H

Warner Fire DepartmentWarner603-456-2222 M S H

Warren Volunteer Fire DepartmentWarren(603) 764-9604 M S H

Washington Fire DepartmentWashington603-495-3133 M S H

Waterville Valley DPSWaterville Valley(603) 236-4730 M S H

Weare Fire DeptWeare(603) 529-2352 M S H

Webster Fire DeptWebster(603) 648-2500 M S H

West Ossipee Fire DepartmentWest Ossipee603-539-6906 M S H


Wilmot Volunteer Fire DepartmentWilmot(603) 526-4524 M S H

Wilsons Mills Fire DepartmentWilsons Mills(207) 486-7791 M S H

Winchester Fire DepartmentWinchester(603) 239-6691 M S H

Windham Fire DeptWindham(603) 434-4907 M S H

Winnisquam Fire Department, Inc.Winnisquam(603) 524-4350 M S H

Wolfeboro Fire / RescueWolfeboro(603) 569-1400 M S H

Woodstock Fire DeptNo Woodstock(603) 715-3521 M S H

Woodsville Fire DeptWoodsville(603) 747-3353 M S H



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