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16 Springs Canyon VFDCloudcroft(505) 687-3287 M S H


Alamo West Fire RescueAlamogordo(505) 434-3686 M S H W

Amalia/Ventero VFDAmalia(505) 586-2348 M S H

Angel Fire Fire DepartmentAngel Fire(505) 377-3347 M S H

Animas Volunteer Fire & Rescue DepartmentAnimas(505) 548-2323 M S H

Arch Volunteer Fire and Ambulance DepartmentPortales505-276-8533 M S H


Artesia Fire DepartmentArtesia505-746-5051 M S H W

Atoka Fire DepartmentArttesial(505) 746-9562 M S H

Bard-Endee Fire DistrictBard(505) 576-2233 M S H

Bayard Volunteer Fire DepartmentBayard505-537-3311 M S H

Bernalillo County Fire & RescueAlbuquerque505-761-4225 M S H W

Berrendo VFDRoswell(505) 623-4210 M S H

Bloomfield Fire DeptBloomfield(505) 632-6363 M S H W

Bluewater Acres-McKinley County Fire DepartmentThoreau505-862-7232 M S H

Boles Acres Fire & RescueAlamogordo(505) 437-0071 M S H

Bonito Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlto(505) 336-4308 M S H

Brazos Canyon VFDChama(505) 588-0014 M S H

Broadview Fire DeptBroadview(505) 456-8654 M S H

Burro FlatsLa Luz(505) 434-5801 M S H

C.H.E.T. Volunteer Fire DepartmentHolman505-387-6987 M S H


Cabo Lucero VFDLas Vegas(505) 425-7261 M S H

Candy Kitchen VFD/EMSPinehill(505) 775-3670 M S H

Canjilon/ Cebolla Fire DepartmentCanjilon550-490-0255 M S H

Capitan Volunteer Fire DepartmentCapitan505-354-0369 M S H

Capulin Fire DepartmentClayton100-100-1000 M S H

Carlsbad Fire DepartmentCarlsbad(505) 885-3125 M S H W


Cebolleta Volunteer Fire DepartmentCebolleta(505) 552-9377 M S H

Cedar Hill Fire DepartmentAztec(505) 334-3345 M S H

Cerro Fire DeptCerro(505) 586-1317 M S H

Chama Fire DeptChama(505) 756-2621 M S H

Chamberino Volunteer Fire DepartmentChamberino(505) 882-1025 M S H

Chamita VFDSan Juan Pueblo(505) 852-4849 M S H

Chaparral VFDChaparral(505) 824-4755 M S H

Chaves CountyDexter505-734-5401 M S H

Cimarron Volunteer Fire DepartmentCimarron505-376-2271 M S H

City of Belen Fire DepartmentBelen505-864-6321 M S H

City of Hobbs Fire DepartmentHobbs(505) 397-9308 M S H W

City of Las Vegas Fire DeptLas Vegas(505) 425-6321 M S H

City of Moriarty Fire DepartmentMoriarty(505) 832-4301 M S H

City of Roswell Fire DepartmentRoswell(505) 624-6800 M S H

Clayton Fire and RescueClayton505-374-2435 M S H

Cliff-Gila Volunteer Fire Dept.Cliff(505) 535-2715 M S H

Clovis Fire DeptClovis(505) 769-7814 M S H

Columbus VFDColumbus(505) 531-2225 M S H

Conchas Dam Fire and RescueConchas Dam505-868-2907 M S H

Conservacy Fire District #3Tucumcari505-487-6557 M S H

Conservancy Fire District # 2Tucumcari(505) 487-6960 M S H

Cooks Peak Fire District 403Deming505-544-8729 M S H

Corrales Fire DepartmentCorrales(505) 898-7501 M S H

Cotton City Volunteer Fire DepartmentAnimas000-000-0000 M S H

Cottonwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentArtesia(505) 748-7344 M S H

Crownpoint VFDCrownpoint(505) 786-7385 M S H

Cuba Volunteer Fire DepartmentCuba(505) 289-3456 M S H W

Cubero Volunteer Fire DepartmentCubrero505-552-6804 M S H

Datil Fire DeptDatil(505) 772-5566 M S H


Dexter Fire & RescueDexter(505) 734-5401 M S H

Dixon VFDDixon(505) 579-4652 M S H

Dora Fire DepartmentDora(505) 477-2411 M S H

Dungan Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlamogordo(505) 434-1408 M S H

Dunken Fire DepartmentDunken505-687-3389 M S H

Eagle Nest Volunteer Fire DepartmentEagle Nest505-377-2486 M S H

East Grand Plains VFDRoswell(505) 624-2018 M S H

El Dorado Fire and RescueSanta Fe(505) 466-0348 M S H

El Pueblo Fire DeptRibera(505) 421-3834 M S H

El Rito Volunteer Fire DepartmentEl Rito505-581-9102 M S H

Elida Fire and RescueElida505-274-6465 M S H

Estancia Fire DepartmentEstancia505-384-4338 M S H

Eunice Fire and RescueEunice505-394-3258 M S H

Farley Fire DeptRaton(505) 375-2652 M S H

Farmington Fire DepartmentFarmington(505) 599-1430 M S H W

Fence Lake VFDFence Lake(505) 788-2209 M S H

Folsom Volunteer Fire DepartmentFolsom505-278-3494 M S H

Forrest Fire DeptMelrose(505) 458-6058 M S H

Fort Sumner Fire DepartmentFort Sumner(505) 355-2401 M S H

Ft Wingate Fire DeptFt Wingate(505) 488-5261 M S H



Golondrinas Vol. Fire DepartmentMora(505) 387-9111 M S H

Grenville VFDGrenville(505) 278-3322 M S H

Guadalupita VFDGuadalupita(505) 387-2888 M S H

Harding County Rural Fire Department District #1Roy(505) 485-9666 M S H

Hidalgo County Fire Dept Dist 1Lordsburg(505) 542-8212 M S H

High Rolls VFDHigh Rolls(505) 682-3634 M S H

Hillsboro Fire/Rescue DepartmentHillsboro(505) 895-5368 M S H W

Hope Volunteer Fire DepartmentHope505-484-3351 M S H

Horse Mountain Fire DepartmentDatil505-772-5015 M S H

Jack Rabbit Flats VFDTularosa505-585-2848 M S H

Jal Volunteer Fire DepartmentJal505-395-2221 M S H

Jemez Springs VFDJemez Springs(505) 829-3131 M S H

Joel VFDCarlsbad(505) 885-4966 M S H

JordanMcAlister505-458-6491 M S H

Knowles Fire DepartmentHobbs(505) 392-7469 M S H W

La Cueva Volunteer Fire DepartmentJemez Springs(505) 829-3355 M S H

La Lama Volunteer Fire DepartmentQuesta(505) 586-1441 M S H

La Luz Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa Luz(505) 434-2380 M S H


La Mesa Volunteer Fire DepartmentLa Mesa505-233-3535 M S H

La Puebla Fire District of Santa Fe County Fire DepartmentLa Puebla505-753-1177 M S H


LaHuerta VFDCarlsbad(505) 887-6353 M S H

Lakeshore Fire DeptElephant Butte(505) 744-4172 M S H

Las Alturas Volunteer Fire DepartmentLas Cruces(505) 522-6970 M S H

Las Cruces Fire DepartmentLas Cruces(505) 528-3473 M S H W

Las Palomas Volunteer Fire DepartmentWilliamsburg(505) 894-3742 M S H

Latir VFDQuesta(505) 586-0645 M S H

Lincoln Volunteer Fire DepartmentLincoln505-653-4372 M S H

Loco Hills Fire DepartmentLoco Hills(505) 677-2349 M S H

Lordsburg Fire DeptLordsburg(505) 542-9261 M S H

Los Alamos Fire DepartmentLos Alamos505-662-8301 M S H W

Los Chavez Fire DepartmentBelen505-864-2000 M S H


Los Ranchos Fire DepartmentAlbuquerque505-345-9148 M S H

Loving Fire DepartmentLoving505-745-3600 M S H

Lovington Fire DepartmentLovington505-396-2359 M S H

Luna Fire & AmbulanceLuna(505) 547-2444 M S H


Madrid Volunteer Fire DepartmentMadrid(505) 424-8006 M S H

Magdalena Fire DepartmentMagdalena505-854-3268 M S H

Maljamar Fire Dept.Maljamar(505) 676-4100 M S H

Maxwell Volunteer Fire DepartmentMaxwell(505) 375-2317 M S H


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Mayhill Volunteer Fire & EMSMayhill(505) 687-3416 M S H

McIntosh Fire Department TCFD District 3McIntosh(505) 384-2810 M S H

Meadow Lake Volunteer Fire and Rescue DepartmentLos Lunas(505) 865-9091 M S H

Melrose Volunteer Fire DepartmentMelrose505-372-6151 M S H

Mesquite Volunteer Fire DepartmentMesquite505-233-4662 M S H

Miami VFDMiami(505) 483-2801 M S H

Midway Fire & EMSDexter505-347-2145 M S H

Milan Volunteer Fire DepartmentMilan505-287-4491 M S H

Milnesand Fire & AmbulanceMilnesand(505) 675-2411 M S H

Monticello-Placita VFDMonticello(505) 743-2146 M S H

Mora Volunteer Fire DepartmentMora505-387-5000 M S H

Mosquero Volunteer Fire DepartmentMosquero(505) 673-2448 M S H

Mountainair VFDMountainair(505) 847-0147 M S H

NASA -JSC - White Sands Test FacilityLas Cruces505-524-5641 M S H

Navajo Pine Volunteer Fire DepartmentNavajo(505) 777-2233 M S H

New Mexico State Pen Fire DepartmentSanta Fe(505) 827-8564 M S H

New Mexico State UniversityLas Cruces(505) 646-2519 M S H

New Mexico State University Fire & Emergency SvcLas Cruces(505) 646-2519 M S H W

Nogal Fire DeptNogal(505) 354-3016 M S H

Ocate/Ojo Feliz VFDOcate000-000-0000 M S H

Ojo Caliente Volunteer Fire and Rescue DepartmentOjo Caliente(505) 583-2448 M S H

Ojo Sarco Volunteer Fire DepartmentOjo Sarco(505) 689-2243 M S H

Organ/ East Mesa Volunteer Fire; Dona Ana County District #5Las Cruces(505) 382-5456 M S H

Oro Vista Fire & RescueAlamogordo(505) 434-6999 M S H W

Pecos Canyon Volunteer Fire and RescueTererro(505) 757-2591 M S H

Peralta Fire DeptPeralta(505) 869-9083 M S H

Pie Town Volunteer Fire DepartmentPie Town(505) 772-2666 M S H

Pine Hill VFDPine Hill(505) 775-3337 M S H

Pinehaven VFDGallup(505) 778-5959 M S H

Pinos Altos Vol.F.& R.Pinos Altos505-388-4093 M S H

Placitas Volunteer Fire BrigadePlacitas505-867-5080 M S H

Playas Fire DistrictPlayas(505) 436-2230 M S H

Pojoaque Volunteer Fire DepartmentSanta Fe(505) 455-2446 M S H

Ponderosa Volunteer Fire DepartmentPonderosa505-834-0816 M S H

Portales Fire DepartmentPortales505-356-4406 M S H W

Pueblo of Laguna Fire - RescueLaguna(505) 552-1108 M S H

Quay Fire DeptTucumcari(505) 487-2002 M S H

Queen Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarlsbad(505) 981-2498 M S H

Rabbit Ear VFDClayton(505) 374-8896 M S H

Ramah VFD #5Ramah(505) 783-4252 M S H

Regina Volunteer Fire/RescueRgina(505) 289-4002 M S H W

Rio Felix Fire DepartmentFlying H(505) 687-3075 M S H

Rio Fernando Fire District, IncTaos(505) 751-1608 M S H

Rio Grande Estates Volunteer Fire DepartmentBelen(505) 864-6161 M S H

Rio Rancho Department of Public SafetyRio Rancho(505) 891-5900 M S H

Riverside Volunteer Fire DepartmentArtesia(505) 365-7900 M S H

Rowe Volunteer Fire DepartmentRowe505-757-2991 M S H

Roy Volunteer Fire DepartmentRoy(505) 485-2541 M S H

Ruidoso Fire DeptRuidoso(505) 257-4116 M S H

Sacramento Weed Volunteer Fire and Rescue DepartWeed(505) 687-3131 M S H W

San Antonio Fire DepartmentSan Antonio(505) 835-2114 M S H

San Jon Volunteer Fire DepartmentSan Jon(505) 576-2567 M S H

San Juan County Fire Department District 11Aztec(505) 632-2437 M S H

San Mateo Volunteer Fire & RescueGrants(505) 287-4704 M S H

Santa Clara Pueblo Fire DepartmentEspanola505-753-7326 M S H

Santa Fe County Fire DepartmentSanta Fe(505) 992-3070 M S H W

Santa Fe Fire DepartmentSanta Fe(505) 955-3110 M S H W

Santa Rita/ Hanover/ Fierro Volunteer Fire DepartmentHanover(505) 536-9722 M S H

Santa Rosa Fire DepartmentSanta Rosa505-472-3601 M S H W

Santa Teresa Volunteer Fire DepartmentSanta Teresa505-589-0023 M S H

Sapello-Rociada VFCSapello(505) 425-7133 M S H

Sapillo Creek Volunteer Fire & RescueSilver City(505) 536-3104 M S H

Sedan Fire DistrictSedan505-374-2774 M S H

Sheridan Fire 7 RescueLas Vegas(505) 425-7729 M S H W

Socorro Fire DepartmentSocorro(505) 835-3969 M S H

South Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentLas Cruces505-647-0320 M S H

Springer Fire DeptSpringer(505) 483-2685 M S H

Stanley VFDStanley(505) 832-2664 M S H

Sun Country Volunteer Fire DepartmentArtesia(505) 484-3599 M S H

Sunshine Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeming(505) 546-6911 M S H W

Sunspot Volunteer Fire Dept.Sunspot505-434-7195 M S H

Taos Ski Valley Fire DepartmentTaos Ski Valley(505) 776-8220 M S H

Tatum Volunteer Fire DepartmentTatum505-398-3473 M S H

Tesuque Volunteer Fire DistrictTesuque(505) 988-3807 M S H

Texico VFDTexico(505) 482-9044 M S H

Tome-Adelino Volunteer Fire DepartmentTome505-866-2040 M S H

Town of Bernalillo Fire/ RescueBernalillo(505) 771-7134 M S H

Town of Hurley Fire DepartmentHurley505-537-2958 M S H

Town of Mesilla Volunteer Fire DepartmentMesilla(505) 523-1311 M S H

Town of Silver City Fire DepartmentSILVER CITY505-538-2591 M S H W

Trementina VFDTrementina(505) 641-5260 M S H

Tres Piedras Fire DistrictTres Piedras(505) 751-1593 M S H

Truth or Consequences Volunteer Fire DepartmentTruth or Consequences(505) 894-2132 M S H

Tucumcari Fire DepartmentTucumcari505-461-4400 M S H

Turquoise Trail VFDCerrillios(505) 471-2715 M S H

Tyrone Volunteer Fire/ Rescue DepartmentTyrone505-538-8733 M S H

Union County, Amistad-Hayden Fire DepartmentClayton100-100-1000 M S H

Upper Mimbres Volunteer Fire and RescueMimbres505-536-2811 M S H

Ute Park Fire Department/ Colax County District #3Ute Park505-376-3080 M S H

Vanderwagen Vol. Fire Dept.Vanderwagen(505) 778-5511 M S H

Veguita Fire DepartmentVeguita505-861-2283 M S H

Velarde Volunteer Fire DepartmentVelarde000-000-0000 M S H

Village of Bosque Farms Fire DepartmentBosque Farms505-869-2357 M S H

Village of House Fire Dept, House EmergencyHouse505-279-7777 M S H

Village of Reserve Fire DeptReserve(505) 533-6276 M S H

Village of Ruidoso Downs Fire DepartmentRuidoso Downs505-378-1624 M S H

Village of Tijeras Fire & RescueTijeras505-281-3511 M S H

Wagon Mound VFDWagon Mound(505) 666-2170 M S H

Watrous VFDWatrus(505) 425-9750 M S H

White Oaks Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarrizozo(505) 648-2053 M S H

White Sands Missile Range Fire DepartmentWhite Sands Missile505-678-5105 M S H

White's City Fire DepartmentWhites City(505) 785-2219 M S H

Wild Horse Ranch Volunteer Fire DepartmentPie Town(505) 772-2610 M S H

Winston Chloride Volunteer Fire departmentWinston(505) 743-0052 M S H

Zia Pueblo VFDZia Pueblo(505) 867-3245 M S H

Zuni Independent Fire District # 8Zuni505-782-7191 M S H


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