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#9 Area VFDEufaux(918) 452-3763 M S H

Achille Volunteer Fire DepartmentAchille580-283-3200 M S H

Acme FDChickasha(405) 222-2339 M S H

Adair County Tri-Community Fire DepartmentStilwell(918) 696-5609 M S H

Adair Fire DepartmentAdair(918) 785-4299 M S H

Addington Volunteer Fire DepartmentAddington580-439-5381 M S H

Albany Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlbany580-920-1074 M S H

Albion Fire Dept Albion(918) 563-4274 M S H

Alden Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarnegie(580) 654-2081 M S H

Alex VFDAlex(405) 785-2393 M S H

Alfalfa Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarnegie580-637-2333 M S H

Allen Fire DepartmentAllen580-857-2100 M S H

Altus Fire-RescueAltus(580) 481-2231 M S H


Amber Volunteer Fire DepartmentAmber(405) 224-0635 M S H


Amorita-Byron Fire & RescueByron(580) 474-2505 M S H

Anadarko Fire/EMSAnadarko(405) 247-3871 M S H

Antlers Fire DepartmentAntlers(580) 298-2002 M S H

Apache Fire DepartmentApache(580) 588-2424 M S H

Arapaho Fire DepartmentArapaho(580) 323-4376 M S H

Ardmore Air Park Fire DeptArdmore(580) 389-5454 M S H

Ardmore Fire DepartmentArdmore(580) 221-2550 M S H

Arnett Volunteer Fire DepartmentArnett580-885-7833 M S H

Arrowhead Estates Volunteer Fire DepartmentCanadian(918) 339-6509 M S H

Ash Creek Fire DeptWilburton(918) 465-2625 M S H

Asher Fire DeptAsher(405) 784-5600 M S H

Ashland VFDStuart(918) 867-2421 M S H

Avant Fire DepartmentAvant918-263-3205 M S H

Bailey FDChickasha(405) 222-2339 M S H

Baker Fire Protection AssociationTurpin(580) 854-6717 M S H

Balko Fire & RescueBalko(580) 361-2266 M S H

Barnsdall Fire DepartmentBarnsdall000-000-0000 M S H

Barnsdall Rural Fire DepartmentBarnsdall918-847-2463 M S H

Bartlesville Fire DepartmentBartlesville(918) 338-4088 M S H

Basin Volunteer Fire DepartmentMannford(918) 865-3488 M S H

Bearden Volunteer Fire DepartmentOkemah918-623-0077 M S H

Bee-Butcher Pen Vol. Fire Dept.Kenefic100-100-1000 M S H

Beggs Fire DeptBeggs(918) 267-4933 M S H

Bell Fire DepartmentStilwell(918) 696-4312 M S H

Bennington RFDBennington(580) 847-2705 M S H

Bentley Fire DepartmentBentley580-889-2971 M S H

Bernice Fire DeptBernice(918) 256-8241 M S H

Berryhill Fire Protection DistrictTulsa(918) 446-1211 M S H

Bessie VFDBessie(580) 337-6602 M S H

Bethany Fire DepartmentBethany405-789-2218 M S H

Bethel AcresShawnee(405) 275-6555 M S H

Big Cabin Fire DeptBig Cabin(918) 783-5388 M S H

Big Cedar Volunteer Fire DepartmentHodgen(918) 651-3272 M S H W

Billings Fire DepartmentBillings580-725-3370 M S H

Binger Fire DeptBinger(405) 656-2284 M S H

BixBy Fire DepartmentBixBy(918) 366-0458 M S H

Blackgum Mountain Volunteer Fire DepartmentVian(918) 773-8766 M S H W

Blackwell Fire DepartmentBlackwell(580) 363-5490 M S H

Blair VFDBlair(580) 563-2406 M S H

Blanchard Fire DeptBlanchard(405) 485-3911 M S H

Blue Community VFAMcAlester(918) 669-7530 M S H

Bluejacket VFDBluejacket(918) 784-2283 M S H

Bluff Fire DeptSoper000-000-0000 M S H


Bokoshe Fire DeptBokoshe(918) 969-2395 M S H

Boley Fire DepartmentBoley(918) 667-3400 M S H

Boswell Volunteer Fire DepartmentBoswell580-566-2214 M S H

Boulanger Rural Fire DepartmentPawhuska918-349-2252 M S H

Boynton Vol. Fire DepartmentBoynton(918) 472-7272 M S H

Bradley Fire DepartmentBradley(405) 222-2339 M S H

Braggs Volunteer Fire DepartmentBraggs918-487-5952 M S H

Braman Volunteer Fire DepartmentBraman(580) 385-2369 M S H

Breckinridge Fire DeptEnid(580) 446-5441 M S H

Brent Rural Fire DeptSallisaw(918) 775-5757 M S H

Bridge Creek Fire DeptBlanchard(405) 392-2212 M S H

Bristow Fire DepartmentBristow(918) 367-3415 M S H

Broken Arrow Fire DepartmentBroken Arrow(918) 259-8355 M S H W

Broken Bow Fire DepartmentBroken Bow580-584-3400 M S H

Bromide Volunteer Fire DepartmentBromide580-638-2334 M S H

Brooken Fire DepartmentStigler(918) 799-5385 M S H


Brushy Mountain Volunteer Fire DepartmentMuskogee(918) 687-8825 M S H

Brushy Volunteer Fire DepartmentSallisaw918-776-0429 M S H

Buffalo Fire DepartmentBuffalo(580) 735-2424 M S H

Buffalo Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentTuskahoma918-522-4459 M S H

Buncombe Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentKingston(580) 564-4211 M S H

Burbank VFDBurbank(918) 648-5383 M S H

Burlington Fire and RescueBurlington(580) 431-2550 M S H

Burns Flat Fire DepartmentBurns Flat(580) 562-3144 M S H

Butler VFDButler(580) 664-3915 M S H

Butler Volunteer Fire DepartmentJay(918) 787-5555 M S H

Byars Volunteer Fire DepartmentByars405-783-4255 M S H


Cabin Creek Fire DistrictLangley(918) 782-2971 M S H

Cache Fire DepartmentCache(580) 429-8093 M S H

Caddo Fire DeptCaddo(580) 367-2558 M S H

Cairo Volunteer Fire Department AssociationCoalgate(580) 927-2742 M S H

Calera Fire DepartmentCalera580-434-5300 M S H W

Calumet Volunteer Fire DepartmentCalumet(405) 893-2323 M S H

Calvin Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentCalvin(405) 645-2434 M S H

Canadian VFDCanadian(918) 339-2052 M S H

Caney Volunteer Fire DepartmentCaney580-889-8842 M S H

Canton Fire DeptCanton(580) 886-3232 M S H

Canute Fire Dept.Canute(580) 472-3111 M S H

Capron Fire DepartmentCapron(580) 829-4488 M S H

Cardinal Cove Volunteer Fire DepartmentKingston(580) 564-4310 M S H

Carmen Volunteer Fire DepartmentCarmen580-987-2321 M S H

Carnegie Fire DepartmentCarnegie580-654-1444 M S H

Carselowey Community VFDVinita(918) 782-4761 M S H

Carter Fire DepartmentCarter580-486-3205 M S H

Cashion Fire DepartmentCashion(405) 433-2058 M S H

Catesby Firefighters AssociationGage580-938-2895 M S H

Catoosa Fire DepartmentCatoosa918-438-2552 M S H

Cedar Country Volunteer Fire RescueNoble405-899-4348 M S H

Cedar Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Hinton(405) 284-6933 M S H W

Cement Fire DepartmentCement405-489-3839 M S H


Chance Community Fire Department, Inc.Westville(918) 723-3306 M S H

Chandler Fire DepartmentChandler(405) 258-1202 M S H

Chattanooga Fire - RescueChattanooga(580) 597-3390 M S H

Checotah Volunteer Fire DepartmentChecotah(918) 473-5411 M S H

Chelsea Fire DepartmentChelsea(918) 789-3451 M S H

Cherokee Fire DepartmentCherokee580-596-3326 M S H

Chickasha Fire DepartmentChickasha(405) 222-6030 M S H


Chimney Rock Fire DeptRose(918) 479-8586 M S H

Choctaw Fire DepartmentChoctaw(405) 390-8300 M S H

Chouteau VFDChouteau(918) 476-5902 M S H

Christe - Proctor Volunteer Fire DepartmentStilwell918-723-4005 M S H

City of Ada Fire DepartmentAda580-436-8076 M S H

City of ClintonClinton(580) 323-2298 M S H W

City of Del Fire DepartmentDel City405-671-2891 M S H

City of GlenpoolGlenpool(918) 322-2172 M S H

City of Konawa, Okla. Volunteer Fire DepartmentKonawa580-925-3131 M S H

City of Lawton Fire DepartmentLawton(580) 581-3280 M S H

City of Medford Volunteer Fire DepartmentMedford580-395-2823 M S H

City of Picher Fire DepartmentPicher(918) 673-1709 M S H

City of Stilwell Fire DepartmentStilwell918-696-7412 M S H

City of Woodward Fire DepartmentWoodward(580) 254-8538 M S H

Claremore Fire DeptClaremore(918) 341-1477 M S H

Claypool Volunteer Fire DepartmentWaurika580-228-2674 M S H

Cleo Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentCleo Springs(580) 438-2243 M S H

Cleora Community Fire DeptAfton(918) 782-3650 M S H

Cleveland Fire DeptCleveland(918) 358-3112 M S H

Cloudy Volunteer Fire DepartmentRattan580-587-2858 M S H

Coalgate Fire DepartmentCoalgate(580) 927-3913 M S H

Cogar Community Fire Department AssociationMinco405-352-4484 M S H

Colbert Volunteer Fire DepartmentColbert(580) 296-2000 M S H

Cole VFDBlanchard(405) 485-3911 M S H

Coleman Fire DepartmentColeman(580) 937-4676 M S H

Collinsville Fire DepartmentCollinsville(918) 371-1020 M S H

Collinsville Rural Fire Protection DistrictCollinsville(918) 371-4854 M S H

Colony Fire DepartmentColony405-929-7671 M S H

Comanche Fire DepartmentComanche(580) 439-2211 M S H

Commerce Fire DeptCommerce(918) 675-4372 M S H

Cookson Volunteer Fire DepartmentCookson918-457-7991 M S H

Copan VFDCopan(918) 532-4114 M S H

Cordell Fire DepartmentCordell(580) 832-3449 M S H

Corn Volunteer Fire DepartmentCorn(580) 343-2359 M S H


Council Hill Vol. Fire Dept.Council Hill918-474-3444 M S H

Country Corner Fire DistrictSperry(918) 288-8831 M S H

Courtney VFDRingling(580) 276-4752 M S H

Cove Acres Fire DeptApache(580) 492-4117 M S H

Coweta Fire DepartmentCoweta918-486-2222 M S H

Cowskin Rural Fire DistrictGrove918-786-9111 M S H

Cox City FDChickasha(405) 222-2339 M S H

Cox's Store Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Lawton580-355-9303 M S H

Cravens Volunteer Fire DepartmentRed Oak(918) 753-2668 M S H

Crescent Fire DepartmentCrescent000-000-0000 M S H

Criner Hills Fire DeptOverbrook(580) 223-9758 M S H

Cromwell Fire DepartmentCromwell408-944-5432 M S H

Crowder Volunteer Fire DepartmentCrowder(918) 334-6193 M S H

Cushing Fire DepartmentCushing(918) 225-3361 M S H

Custer City VFDCuster City(580) 593-2312 M S H W


Dacoma Fire DepartmentDacoma580-871-2250 M S H

Daisy VFDDaisy(580) 346-7898 M S H

Dale Twp Fire DistNewkirk(580) 448-3810 M S H

Darwin Volunteer Fire DepartmentAntlers(580) 298-2007 M S H

Davenport Fire DepartmentDavenport918-377-2235 M S H


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Davis Fire DepartmentDavis(580) 369-2323 M S H

Deer Creek Fire Protection DistrictEdmond(405) 216-0665 M S H W

Deer Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentDeer Creek580-267-3518 M S H

Dewar VFDDewar(918) 652-4042 M S H

Dewey Volunteer Fire DepartmentDewey918-534-1196 M S H

Diamond Head/ Lone Chapel Fire DepartmenttPryor(918) 825-2717 M S H

Dibble VFDDibble(405) 344-9924 M S H

Dickson fire DepartmentArdmore(580) 223-5445 M S H

Dill City Fire DeptDill City(580) 674-3376 M S H

Dillard Volunteer Fire DepartmentWilson(580) 220-2644 M S H

Dougherty Fire DepartmentDougherty580-993-2444 M S H

Dover Volunteer Fire DepartmentDover405-828-4311 M S H

Doyle Volunteer Fire DepartmentDoyle(580) 432-5400 M S H

Drummond Fire DepartmentDrummond580-493-2918 M S H

Drumright Fire DepartmentDrumright(918) 352-3131 M S H

Duncan fire DepartmentDuncan(580) 252-0250 M S H

Durant OK Fire DeptDurant(580) 924-2358 M S H W

Eagletown Volunteer Fire DepartmentEagletown(580) 835-2222 M S H

Eakly Fire DepartmentEakly(405) 797-3252 M S H

Earlsboro Fire DepartmentEarlsboro(405) 997-5560 M S H

East Duke VFDDuke(580) 679-3400 M S H

Eastern State HospitalVinita(918) 256-7841 M S H

Eastman Fire DepartmentMarietta000-000-0000 M S H

Edgewater Park Fire DepartmentApache580-588-2549 M S H

Edmond Fire DepartmentEdmond(405) 216-7300 M S H

El Dorado VFDEl Dorado(580) 633-2245 M S H

El Reno Fire DeptEl Reno(405) 262-2949 M S H


Elmer Rural Volunteer Fire AssociationElmer100-100-1000 M S H

Elmwood Firefighter, Inc.Elmwood806-658-2202 M S H

Enid Fire DepartmentEnid(580) 234-0541 M S H W

Enos/Cardinal Cove Fire DepartmentKingston(580) 564-2879 M S H

Erick Volunteer Fire DepartmentErick580-526-3924 M S H

Eufaula VFDEufaula(918) 689-2323 M S H

Fairfax Volunteer Fire DepartmentFairfax918-642-3241 M S H

Falconhead Volunteer Fire DepartmentBurneyville(580) 276-9610 M S H

Fallis Rural FirefightersWellston(405) 258-1191 M S H

Fanshawe Volunteer Fire DepartmentFanshawe918-659-2300 M S H

Fargo Fire DepartmentFargo(580) 698-2635 M S H

Farris Fire DistrictAtoka(580) 889-5971 M S H

Farwell FDChickasha(405) 222-2339 M S H

Felt Fire DepartmentFelt(580) 426-2256 M S H

Finley Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentFinley580-298-5460 M S H

Fittstown VFDFittstown(580) 777-4480 M S H

Flat Rock Fire Protection Assoc, Volunteer FChouteau918-476-6221 M S H

Fletcher Volunteer Fire DepartmentFletcher580-549-6555 M S H W

Flint Ridge VFDKansas(918) 597-2222 M S H


Forgan Fire Dept.Forgan(580) 487-3555 M S H

Fort Cobb Fire DepartmentFort Cobb(405) 643-2682 M S H

Fort Gibson Fire DepartmentFort Gibson(918) 478-4221 M S H

Foss Fire DeptFoss(580) 597-4513 M S H

Fountainhead Area Improvement Council, Inc.Checotah(918) 473-2062 M S H

Foyil Fire Protection DistrictFoyil(918) 343-9234 M S H

Francis Fire Dept.Francis(580) 436-4805 M S H

Fredrick Fire DepartmentFredrick(580) 335-2172 M S H

Friend FDChickasha(405) 222-2339 M S H

Friendship VFDAltus(580) 482-2989 M S H

Frontier Fire DistrictOsage000-000-0000 M S H

Ft. Towson Volunteer Fire DepartmentFt. Towson580-873-2878 M S H

Gage Fire DeptGage(580) 923-7919 M S H

Gaines Creek VFDMcAlester(918) 426-3999 M S H

Garvin Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentGarvin(580) 286-2250 M S H

Gate Fire DeptGate(580) 934-3741 M S H

Geary Fire DepartmentGeary(405) 884-2313 M S H

Geary Rural Fire and RescueGeary(405) 884-2313 M S H

Geronimo Fire DepartmentGeronimo580-353-5511 M S H

Gerty Volunteer Fire DepartmentCalvin(580) 892-3434 M S H

Gideon Fire Dept. Inc.Tahlequah(918) 453-9500 M S H

Glencoe Volunteer Fire DepartmentGlenco580-669-2377 M S H

Goldsby VFDGoldsby(405) 288-6675 M S H

Goltry Fire & RescueGoltry(580) 496-2441 M S H

Goodwell Volunteer Fire DepartmentGoodwell(580) 349-2566 M S H W

Gooseneck Bend FPDMuskogee(918) 682-1212 M S H

Gore FdGore(918) 489-5963 M S H

Gotebo Fire DepartmentGotebo580-438-5351 M S H

Grandfield VFDGrandfield(580) 479-5215 M S H

Granite VFDGranite(580) 535-2116 M S H

Grant Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrant(580) 326-6746 M S H

Grayson Fire DeptHeiyryeha(918) 652-3127 M S H

Greasy Volunteer Fire Dept.Bunch000-000-0000 M S H

Green Country VFDSand Springs(918) 241-7204 M S H

Greenleaf RFDAlva(580) 327-2004 M S H

Greenville-Overbrook Volunteer Fire DepartmentMarietta580-276-5283 M S H

Guthrie Fire / EMSGuthrie405-282-4434 M S H

Guymon Fire DepartmentGuymon580-338-5536 M S H W

Haileyville Fire DepartmentHaileyville918-297-3300 M S H

Hammom Fire DepartmentHammon580-473-2285 M S H

Hanna Rural Fire AssociationHanna918-657-2222 M S H

Harmon Community FirefightersArnett(380) 939-2408 M S H

Harmony Fire DepartmentAtoka(580) 889-3764 M S H

Harold FDChickasha(405) 222-2339 M S H

Harrah Fire DepartmentHarrah(405) 454-2111 M S H

Haskell Fire DepartmentHaskell(918) 482-5960 M S H

Hauana Creek Volunteer Fire Dept.Madill580-795-2027 M S H

Hawley Rural Fire District Association Nash(580) 839-2488 M S H

Haworth VFDHaworth(580) 245-2446 M S H W

Haywood & Arpelar Volunteer Fire DepartmentMcAlester(918) 423-0249 M S H

Headrick Volunteer Fire DepartmentHeadrick(580) 738-5205 M S H

Healdton Volunteer Fire DepartmentHealdton(580) 229-0126 M S H

Heavener Fire DepartmentHeavener918-653-7794 M S H

Hennepin Fire DepartmentHennepin580-868-3305 M S H

Henryetta Fire DepartmentHenryetta(918) 652-7102 M S H

Hickory Fire DeptRoff(580) 456-7777 M S H

Hickory Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrove918-786-7904 M S H


High Hill VFDmcAlester(918) 426-3029 M S H

Highway 100 West Volunteer Fire DepartmentStilwell000-000-0000 M S H

Hillsdale-Carrier Fire DistrictHillsdale(580) 635-2444 M S H

Hinton Fire DeptHinton(405) 542-6700 M S H

Hitch Fire BrigadeGuymon580-338-8575 M S H

Hitchcock Volunteer Fire DepartmentHitchcock(580) 825-3535 M S H

Hitchita Area Fire Protection AssociationHichita(918) 466-3232 M S H

Hobart Fire DepartmentHobart580-726-5237 M S H

Hochatown Volunteer Fire Dept.Broken Bow(580) 494-6464 M S H

Hodgen Volunteer Fire DepartmentHodgen(918) 649-7473 M S H

Hollis Volunteer Fire DepartmentHollis(580) 688-9216 M S H

Holly Creek-Oak Hill Fire DepartmentBroken Bow580-420-6520 M S H

Hominy Fire DepartmentHominy(918) 885-2328 M S H

Honobia Volunteer Fire DepartmentHonobia(580) 244-3610 M S H

Howe Fire DepartmentHowe918-658-2085 M S H

Hugo Fire DepartmentHugo580-326-5616 M S H

Hulah Volunteer Fire DepartmentPawhuska(918) 532-4453 M S H

Hulbert Volunteer Fire DepartmentHulbert918-772-2165 M S H

Hulen Volunteer Fire DepartmentWalters(580) 353-6280 M S H

HWY 51 West Volunteer Fire DepartmentStilwell(918) 696-2100 M S H

Illinois River Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentTahlequah(918) 456-1980 M S H

Indiahoma Volunteer Fire DepartmentIndiahoma(580) 246-3572 M S H

Indianola Volunteer Fire DepartmentIndianola918-823-4415 M S H

Ingalls Fire DistrictStillwater405-269-3844 M S H W

Inola Fire DepartmentInola918-543-8780 M S H W

Iowa Tribal Volunteer Fire DepartmentPerkins405-547-7212 M S H

Isabella Rural Fire DistrictIsabella580-882-3354 M S H

Jacktown Fire DistrictMeeker(405) 279-3956 M S H

Jay Fire DeptJay(918) 253-4277 M S H

Jay Volunteer Fire DepartmentWynnewood000-000-0000 M S H

Jenks Fire Dept.Jenks(918) 299-5883 M S H

Jennings Fire DeptJennings(918) 757-4189 M S H

Jet Fire DeptJet(580) 626-4401 M S H

Jimtown Volunteer Fire DepartmentBunneyville580-276-3603 M S H

Jones Fire DepartmentJones(405) 399-5200 M S H

Kansas Fire DepartmentKansas918-868-2198 M S H

Katie Fire Department AssociationElmore City555-555-5555 M S H


Kellyville Fire DepartmentKellyville918-247-3677 M S H

Kenwood Volunteer Fire AssociationSalina(918) 434-6624 M S H

Keota Volunteer Fire DepartmentKeota918-966-3680 M S H

Keyes Volunteer Fire DepartmentKeyes(580) 546-7651 M S H

Keys Volunteer Fire DepartmentPark Hill(918) 456-8093 M S H

Keystone Volunteer Fire DepartmentSand Springs(918) 363-8261 M S H

Kiamichi Wilderness VFDMoyers580-2983 M S H

Kiefer VFDKiefer(918) 321-9157 M S H

Kildare Fire DepartmentKildare(580) 362-3111 M S H

Kingfisher Fire DeptKingfisher(405) 375-5261 M S H

Kinston Fire DepartmentKingston580-564-3750 M S H

Kinta Volunteer Fire DepartmentKinta(918) 768-3322 M S H

Kiowa Volunteer Fire DepartmentKiowa(918) 432-5333 M S H

Kirk Mountain Fire & Rescue, Inc.Stilwell918-696-4906 M S H

lahoma Fire DeptLahoma(580) 796-2500 M S H

Lake Murray State ParkArdmore(580) 223-4049 M S H

Lake Murray Volunteer Fire DepartmentArdmore580-226-3330 M S H

Lake Wood Volunteer Fire DepartmentMead(580) 931-0121 M S H

Lakemont Shores Fire DistrictDisney(918) 435-8351 M S H

Lamont Fire DepartmentLamont(580) 388-4468 M S H

Lane Volunteer Fire DepartmentLane000-000-0000 M S H

Langley VFDLangley(918) 782-9850 M S H

Langston VFDLangston(405) 466-2280 M S H

Latham-Dog Creek Fire AssociationShady Point918-647-4422 M S H

Laverne Fire DepartmentLaverne(580) 921-2911 M S H

Leach Volunteer Fire DepartmentRose918-868-1234 M S H


Lee Creek Fire DistrictMuldrow918-427-6070 M S H

Leedey Fire DepartmentLeddey580-488-2101 M S H

Leflore Volunteer Fire AssociationLeflore(918) 753-2289 M S H

Lenapah Fire DepartmentLenapah(918) 468-2400 M S H

Leon VFDLeon M S H

Lequire Fire DeptLequire000-000-0000 M S H

Lexington Fire DepartmentLexington405-527-6121 M S H

Liberty Volunteer Fire Fighters AssociationROLAND(918) 427-5854 M S H

Limestone Fire Protection DistrictClaremore(918) 341-6430 M S H W



Lona Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentKinta918-768-3245 M S H

Lone Wolf VFDLone Wolf(580) 846-9078 M S H


Lookeba-Sickles VFDLookeba(405) 457-6744 M S H

Lotawatah Fire DepartmentChecotah000-000-0000 M S H

Lowrey Fire DeptMoodys(918) 456-6444 M S H

Loyal Fire DeptLoyal(405) 729-4378 M S H

Lula VRFDTupelo(580) 265-4455 M S H

Madill Fire DepartmentMadill580-795-2577 M S H


Mangum Fire DepartmentMangum(580) 782-3216 M S H

Manitou Fire DepartmentManitou580-397-2006 M S H

Mannford Fire DepartmentMannford(918) 865-2666 M S H

Mannsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentMannsville(580) 371-3334 M S H

Maple Rural Fire District, Inc.Muldrow(918) 427-6853 M S H W

Marble City Volunteer Fire AssociationMarble City000-000-0000 M S H

Marietta Fire DepartmentMarietta(580) 276-5861 M S H W

Marland VFDMarland(580) 268-3468 M S H

Marlow Fire DepartmentMarlow580-658-2121 M S H

Marshall Volunteer Fire DepartmentMarshall580-935-6666 M S H

Martha Fire DepartmentMartha(580) 266-3300 M S H

Maud Volunteer Fire DepartmentMaud(405) 374-2717 M S H

Maysville Fire DepartmentMaysville(405) 867-5850 M S H W

McAlester Fire DepartmentMcAlester(918) 421-4932 M S H

McCord Community Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Ponca City(580) 765-4700 M S H

McCurtain Volunteer Fire DepartmentMcCurtain(918) 945-7459 M S H

McKey Rural Firefighters AssociationSallisaw(918) 775-3046 M S H

Mcloud Fire DepartmentMcloud(405) 964-4005 M S H

Medicine Park Volunteer Fire DepartmentMedicine Park580-529-2825 M S H

Meeker Volunteer Fire DepartmentMeeker405-279-3321 M S H

Meers Volunteer Fire DeptLawton(580) 429-3543 M S H

Miami Fire DepartmentMiami918-542-4164 M S H

Midwest City Fire DepartmentMidwest City(405) 739-1343 M S H W

Milfay Volunteer Fire DepartmentMilfay918-324-5613 M S H

Mill Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentMill Creek580-384-5744 M S H

Millerton Fire DepartmentMillerton(580) 746-2200 M S H

Moffett VFDMoffett(918) 875-3666 M S H

Monkey Island Fire Association, Inc.Monkey Island(918) 257-8242 M S H

Moore Fire DepartmentMoore(405) 793-5110 M S H W

Mooreland Vol.Fire Dept.Mooreland(580) 994-5924 M S H

Morris RFDMorris(918) 733-2500 M S H

Morrison Fire DepartmentMorrison(580) 724-3531 M S H

Mounds Fire DeptMounds(918) 827-6733 M S H

Mountain Park Volunteer Fire DepartmentMountain Park580-569-4234 M S H

Mountain View Fire DepartmentMountain view(580) 347-2246 M S H

Mountain View Volunteer Fire DepartmentMuskogee918-687-1966 M S H

Moyers RFDMoyers000-000-0000 M S H

Muldrow Fire DeptMuldrow(918) 427-3226 M S H

Muskogee Fire DepartmentMuskogee(918) 687-5483 M S H

Mustang Fire DepartmentMustang(405) 376-9365 M S H W



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