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167 CES Fire DepartmentMartinsburgn/a M S H

Adrian Volunteer Fire DepartmentAdrain304-472-4736 M S H

Albright Volunteer Fire DepartmentAlbright304-329-3977 M S H

Alma VFDAlma(304) 758-4066 M S H

Ansted Certified Fire Department, Inc.Ansted304-658-4394 M S H W

Anthonys Creek Fire DepartmentWhite Sulphur Springs(304) 536-1636 M S H

Armstrong Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Powellton304-442-9157 M S H

Athens Vol.F.D.Athens304-384-7333 M S H

Augusta Volunteer Fire Co. Inc.Augusta304-496-7971 M S H

Aurora Volunteer Fire DepartmentAurora304-735-5797 M S H

Back Creek Valley Volunteer Fire CompanyHedgesville(304) 229-8992 M S H

Baisden VFDBaisden(304) 664-3683 M S H

Baker Heights Volunteer Fire DepartmentMartinsburg304-263-7755 M S H

Ballard VFDBallard(304) 753-4039 M S H

Bancroft Volunteer Fire DepartmentBancroft(304) 586-9665 M S H

Bancs VFD, Inc.New Milton(304) 873-2211 M S H

Banks District VFDRock Cave(304) 924-6864 M S H

Barboursville Fire DeptBarboursville(304) 736-7420 M S H

Barrackville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBarrackville304-366-0095 M S H

Bartow Frank Durbin Volunteer Fire and Rescue CompanyDurbin304-456-4999 M S H

Bayard VFDBayard(304) 693-7436 M S H

Beaver Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeaver(304) 253-8993 M S H

Beckley Fire DepartmentBeckley(304) 256-1780 M S H

Bedington Fire & RescueMartinsburg(304) 274-2381 M S H

Beech Bottom Fire DepartmentBeech Bottom(304) 394-5726 M S H

Beech Creek VFDMeader(304) 426-4140 M S H

Belington Volunteer Fire DepartmentBelington(304) 823-1234 M S H

Belle Fire DepartmentBelle(304) 949-3375 M S H

Belmont VFD, INc.Belmont(304) 665-7401 M S H

Benwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentBenwood(304) 232-0174 M S H

Berkeley Springs Volunteer Fire CompanyBerkeley Springs(304) 258-3191 M S H

Berwind Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Station1Berwind304-875-2526 M S H

Bethany Pike Volunteer Fire DepartmentWellsburg(304) 737-4256 M S H

Bethany VFDBethany(304) 829-4504 M S H


Beverly Volunteer Fire DepartmentBeverly(304) 636-5032 M S H


Blacksville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBlacksville304-432-8282 M S H

Blennerhassett Volunteer Fire DepartmentWashington(304) 863-3103 M S H

Blue Ridge Mountain Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.Harpers Ferry(304) 725-8118 M S H W

Bluefield Fire DepartmentBluefield(304) 327-8652 M S H

Bluestone Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Spanishburg304-487-6766 M S H

Bluewell VFDBluefield(304) 589-5212 M S H

Boggs Run Volunteer Fire DepartmentBenwood304-233-5020 M S H

Boomer Volunteer Fire DepartmentBoomer(304) 779-2763 M S H

Boothsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentFairmont(304) 534-3030 M S H


Bradshaw Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Bradshaw304-967-5798 M S H


BridgeportBridgeport(304) 842-8251 M S H W

Brookhaven Volunteer Fire Department Company 12Morgantown(304) 296-3551 M S H W

Bruceton-Brandonville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBruceton Mills(304) 379-3171 M S H

Buckhannon Fire Dept.Buckannon(304) 472-2860 M S H W

Buffalo Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Amherstdale304-583-2306 M S H

Buffalo Volunteer Fire DepartmentBuffalo304-937-3225 M S H

Bunners Ridge VFDFairmont(304) 363-9771 M S H

Burlington VFDBurlington(304) 289-3032 M S H

Burnsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBurnsville304-853-2518 M S H

Cabin Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentEskdale304-595-5500 M S H

Cairo Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Cairo(304) 628-3319 M S H

Cameron VFDCameron(304) 686-2400 M S H

Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentDavis(304) 866-7450 M S H

Capon Bridge VFDCapon Bridge(304) 856-3268 M S H

Capon Springs Volunteer Fire & Rescue COCapon Springs(304) 874-3739 M S H

Capon Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentWardensville(304) 874-3222 M S H

Cass VFDCass(304) 456-4118 M S H

Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentCedar Grove304-595-2244 M S H

Ceredo Volunteer Fire Department Inc.Ceredo304-453-4808 M S H W

Chapel Volunteer Fire DepartmentGassaway304-364-8443 M S H

Chapmanville VFDChapmanville(304) 855-4543 M S H

Charleston Fire DepartmentCharleston(304) 348-8137 M S H W

Chattaroy VFDChattaroy(304) 235-2288 M S H

Cheat Lake Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorgantown(304) 594-1223 M S H

Chesapeake VFDChesapeake(304) 949-2332 M S H

Chester Volunteer Fire DepartmentChester(304) 387-1690 M S H W

Citizens Fire CompanyCharles Town304-725-7814 M S H

City of Grafton Fire DepartmentGrafton304-265-1866 M S H

City of Huntington Fire DepartmentHuntington304-696-5950 M S H

City of Logan Fire DepartmentLogan304-752-2777 M S H

City of Martinsburg Fire DepartmentMartinsburg304-264-2111 M S H

Clarksburg Fire DepartmentClarksburg(304) 624-1645 M S H

Clay VFDClay(304) 587-4174 M S H

Clear Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentClear Creek(304) 877-2669 M S H W

Clearview VFDWheeling(304) 277-1230 M S H

Clendenin Volunteer Fire DepartmentClendenin(304) 548-6711 M S H W

Clintonville Volunteer Fire DepartmentClintonville304-392-5950 M S H

Clover-Roane Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpencer304-927-1299 M S H

Coal City VFD, IncCoal City(304) 683-3945 M S H

Coalton Volunteer Fire DepartmentCoalton304-636-7933 M S H

Coalwood Caretta Volunteer Fire DepartmentCoalwood304-297-2345 M S H

Colliers Volunteer Fire DepartmentColliers(304) 797-9646 M S H W


Cora Volunteer Fire DepartmentCora304-239-3311 M S H

Cottageville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Cottageville(304) 372-5959 M S H

Cowen VFDCowen(304) 226-3191 M S H


Culloden Fire DeptCulloden(304) 743-5391 M S H

Cyclone VFDCyclone(304) 682-6955 M S H

Dallas VFDDallas(304) 547-4999 M S H

Danese Volunteer Fire DepartmentDanese(304) 438-5312 M S H

Danville Vol. Fire Dept., Inc.Danville(304) 369-0232 M S H

Davis VFDDavis(304) 259-5232 M S H

Davy VFDDavy(304) 656-7331 M S H


Delbarton Volunteer Fire DepartmentDelbarton304-475-2530 M S H

Diamond Star Fire DeptPayson(928) 474-3835 M S H

Diana Fire DeptDiana(304) 847-5071 M S H

Dunbar Fire DepartmentDunbar(304) 766-0215 M S H W

Dunlow Volunteer Fire & EMSDunlow304-385-4631 M S H

Duval District Volunteer Fire DistrictGriffithville(304) 524-7108 M S H

East Bank Volunteer Fire DepartmentEast Bank(304) 595-1699 M S H

East Fork Volunter Fire DepartmentDingess(304) 752-5720 M S H W

East Lynn Volunteer Fire DepartmentEast Lynn304-849-5601 M S H

East River Volunteer Fire DepartmentPrinceton(304) 487-3539 M S H W

East Wood Volunteer Fire DepartmentDavisville(304) 422-4410 M S H W

Elk District VFCElk Garden(304) 446-5447 M S H

Elkins Fire DepartmentElklins(304) 636-3412 M S H

Ellenboro VFDEllenboro(304) 869-3311 M S H

Erbacon VFDErbacon(304) 226-5342 M S H


Fairview Volunteer Fire CompanyFairview(304) 449-1904 M S H

Farmington Volunteer Fire DepartmentFarmington(304) 825-6442 M S H

Fayetteville Fire DepartmentFayetteville304-574-0712 M S H

Federal Fire DeptAlderson(304) 445-2901 M S H

Fellowship Volunteer Fire DepartmentTunnelton304-892-3947 M S H

Fire Department of MontgomeryMontgomery(304) 442-5139 M S H

Flatrock Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeon(304) 675-4610 M S H

Flemington Volunteer Fire DepartmentFlemington(304) 739-2211 M S H

Follansbee Volunteer Fire DepartmentFollansbee(304) 527-2345 M S H W


Forest Hill Volunteer Fire DepartmentForest Hill(304) 466-1080 M S H

Fort Gay Volunteer Fire DepartmentFort Gay304-648-5325 M S H W

Fountain Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.Keyser(304) 788-4071 M S H

Frame Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Elkview(304) 965-5010 M S H

Frametown VFDFrametown(304) 364-8460 M S H

Frankford Volunteer Fire DepartmentFrankford(304) 497-2860 M S H

Franklin Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentWellsburg(304) 737-9851 M S H

Franklin Volunteer Fire DepartmentFranklin(304) 358-7994 M S H

Friendship Fire Company, IncorporatedHARPERS FERRY304-535-2211 M S H

Gandeeville-Harmony VFDGandeeville(304) 577-6037 M S H

Gassaway Volunteer Fire DepartmentGassaway(304) 364-5262 M S H

Gauley Bridge Volunteer Fire DepartmentGauley Bridge(304) 632-1810 M S H

Ghent Area VFDGhent(304) 787-5880 M S H

Gilbert Volunteer Fire DepartmentHampden304-664-3814 M S H

Gilmer County VFDGlenville(304) 462-5216 M S H

Glasgow VFDGlasgow(304) 595-6746 M S H

Glen Dale Volunteer Fire DepartmentGlen Dale(304) 845-5511 M S H

Grandview VFD, Inc.New Martinsville(304) 455-1317 M S H

Grantsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentGrantsville(304) 354-6566 M S H

Granville Volunteer Fire DeptGranville(304) 599-5190 M S H

Great Cacapon VFCGreat Cacapon(304) 258-4327 M S H

Green Sulpher District VFD & rescue SquadSandstone(304) 466-2610 M S H

Green Valley - Glenwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentPrinceton304-425-1655 M S H

Green Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentHuntington304-529-7888 M S H

Greenbrier Valley Rural Volunteer Fire DepartmentTalcott(304) 466-5100 M S H

Hacker Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentHacker Valley(304) 493-6470 M S H

Hamlin Volunteer Fire DepartmentHamlin304-824-7444 M S H W

Handley Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentHandley(304) 442-5721 M S H

Harman VFDHarman(304) 227-4500 M S H

Harrisville VFDHarrisville(304) 643-2966 M S H


Hedgesville Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.Hedgesville(304) 754-3662 M S H

Henlawson Volunteer Fire DepartmentHenlawson(304) 752-4102 M S H

Hillsboro Volunteer Fire DepartmentHIllsboro304-653-4636 M S H

Hookersville-Muddlety Fire Department, Inc.Summersville(304) 872-0882 M S H

Hooverson Heights V.F.D.FOLLANSBEE304-527-4339 M S H

Hundred VFDHundred(304) 775-2777 M S H

Hurricane Volunteer Fire DepartmentHurricane(304) 562-5663 M S H W

Huttonsville-Mill Creek VFDHuttonsville(304) 335-2385 M S H

Iaeger VFDIaeger(304) 938-5600 M S H

Independent Fire CoCharles Town(304) 725-2514 M S H

Institute Volunteer Fire DepartmentCharleston304-768-6678 M S H

Jacksonburg VFD, Inc.Jacksonburg(304) 889-2400 M S H


Jane Lew Volunteer Fire DepartmentJane Lew(304) 884-7231 M S H

Jefferson VFDJefferson(304) 768-0711 M S H

Johnstown Volunteer Fire DepartmentLost Creek304-624-9382 M S H

Jumping Branch-Nimitz Volunteer Fire DepartmentJumping Branch304-466-5533 M S H

Kenova Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Kenova(304) 453-4153 M S H W

Kermit Volunteer Fire DepartmentKermit(304) 393-3156 M S H

Keslers Cross Lanes VFDKeslers Cross Lanes(304) 872-6999 M S H

Keyser Fire DepartmentKeyser(304) 788-1371 M S H

Kimball Volunteer Fire DepartmentKimball(304) 585-7311 M S H

Kingwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentKingwood(304) 329-0101 M S H

Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.ST Albans304-727-2451 M S H

Lavalette Volunteer Fire DepartmentLavalette(304) 525-7156 M S H

Lawrenceville VFDPyramus(304) 387-2425 M S H

Leading Creek Volunteer Fire DepartmentKerens304-636-7414 M S H

Lenore Volunteer Fire DepartmentLenore304-475-4339 M S H

Leon Fire DeptLeon(304) 458-1926 M S H

Lester Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Lester304-934-6622 M S H

Levels VFCLevels(304) 492-5331 M S H

Lewisburg Fire DepartmentLewisburg(304) 645-2080 M S H

Limestone Community Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Moundsville(304) 845-5114 M S H

Lindside Vol. Fire Dept.Lindside(304) 753-9929 M S H W

Lizemores Volunteer Fire DepartmentLizemores304-587-6056 M S H

Logan County VFD #2Man(304) 583-2562 M S H

Lost Creek Volunteer Fire DeptLost Creek(304) 745-4004 M S H

Loudendale Volunteer Fire DepartmentCharleston304-343-3481 M S H

Lubeck Volunteer Fire DepartmentWashington(304) 863-8722 M S H

Lumberport VFDLumberport(304) 584-4721 M S H


Madison Volunteer Fire DepartmentMadison(304) 369-1021 M S H

Malden Volunteer Fire Department Inc.Charleston304-925-9093 M S H

Mannington Volunteer Fire DepartmentMannington(304) 986-3251 M S H

Marlinton Volunteer Fire DepartmentMarlinton304-799-4211 M S H


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Marmet Fire DepartmentMarmer304-949-5456 M S H

Mason Volunteer Fire DepartmentMason(304) 773-5832 M S H

Masontown Volunteer Fire DepartmentMasontown(304) 864-2828 M S H

Mathias Baker Volunteer Fire CompanyMathias(304) 897-5586 M S H

Matoaka Volunteer Fire DepartmentMatoaka(304) 467-8385 M S H W

Maysville Volunteer Fire DepartmentMaysville304-749-7731 M S H W


McKinleyville Volunteer Fire DepartmentWellsburg304-737-3195 M S H

McMechen Volunteer Fire DepartmentMcMechen(304) 232-4650 M S H W


Middlebourne/Tyler County Vol. Fire DepartmentMiddlebourne304-758-4349 M S H

Midway VFDAlum Bridge(304) 269-5262 M S H

Milton VFDMilton(304) 743-6319 M S H

Mineral Wells Volunteer Fire Department (formerly P.M.B.S. VFD.Mineral Wells(304) 489-2340 M S H W

Monongah Volunteer Fire DepartmentMonongah304-534-5172 M S H

Montcalm Volunteer Fire DepartmentMontcalm(304) 589-6922 M S H

Morgantown Fire DepartmentMorgantown(304) 284-7480 M S H W

Morrisvale Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorrisvale(304) 524-2122 M S H

Moundsville City Fire DepartmentMoundsville(304) 845-2050 M S H

Moundsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Moundsville(304) 845-0110 M S H W

Mt Clare CFDMt Clare(304) 623-9625 M S H

Mt Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentHorse Shoe Run(304) 735-3313 M S H

MT Hope Fire DepartmentMt Hope304-877-2488 M S H

MT Olivet Volunteer Fire DepartmentWheeling(304) 242-5995 M S H

Mt Storm VFDMt Storm(304) 693-7157 M S H

Mullens Fire Department, Inc.Mullens(304) 294-6611 M S H

Nettie Fire Department, Inc.Nettie(304) 846-9538 M S H

New Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.New Creek(304) 788-4041 M S H

New Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.New Cumberland304-564-3829 M S H

New Haven And Community Volunteer Fire DepartmenNew Haven(304) 882-3444 M S H

New Manchester Volunteer Fire DepartmentNew Manchester304-564-3160 M S H W

New Martinsville Fire DepartmentNew Martinsville(304) 455-9115 M S H

Newell Vol. Fire DepartmentNewell(304) 387-0795 M S H

Nitro Fire DepartmentNitro(304) 755-1437 M S H

North River Valley Volunteer Fire CompanyRiv(304) 496-8421 M S H

Nutter Fort Fire DeptNutter Fort(304) 622-5001 M S H W

Oak Hill Fire DepartmentOak Hill(304) 465-5867 M S H

Oakvale Volunteer Fire DepartmentKellysville304-898-7903 M S H

Oceana VFDOceana(304) 682-5741 M S H

Ohio River Road Volunteer Fire DepartmentLesage(304) 736-1957 M S H

Ona VFDOna(304) 743-9841 M S H

Paden City Volunteer Fire COPaden City(304) 337-9289 M S H

Parkersburg Fire DeptParkersburg(304) 424-8470 M S H W

Parsons VFDParsons(304) 478-4949 M S H

Patterson Creek Volunteer Fire CompanyPatterson Creek(304) 738-2253 M S H

Paw Paw Volunteer Fire Co IncPaw Paw304-947-7644 M S H

Pax Volunteer Fire Dept. Inc.Pax(304) 574-3590 M S H

Peterstown Vol. Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad Inc.Peterstown304-753-4343 M S H

Philippi Volunteer Fire DepartmentPhilippi(304) 457-1234 M S H

Pickens Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Pickens304-924-6637 M S H

Pinch Volunteer Fire DepartmentPinch(304) 965-1657 M S H

Pine Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Pine Grove(304) 889-3353 M S H

Pineville Fire DeptPineville(304) 732-6588 M S H

Pipestem Volunteer Fire DepartmentPipestem(304) 646-2366 M S H

Poca Community Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Poca(304) 755-5061 M S H

Point Pleasant Volunteer Fire DepartmentPoint Pleasant(304) 675-2313 M S H

Pond Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Belleville304-863-5280 M S H

Pratt Volunteer Fire DepartmentPratt(304) 442-5818 M S H


Prichard VFDPrichard(304) 486-5051 M S H

Princeton Fire DepartmentPrinceton(304) 487-5016 M S H W

Quinwood Volunteer Fire DepartmentQuinwood(304) 438-6783 M S H

Racine Volunteer Fire DepartmentRacine304-837-7482 M S H W

Rainelle Fire DepartmentRainelle(304) 438-5222 M S H

Rano VFDRano(304) 925-3822 M S H

Raysal Volunteer Fire DepartmentRaysal304-967-7484 M S H

Reader Volunteer Fire DepartmentReader304-386-4666 M S H

Reedsville Fire DeptReedsville(304) 861-6741 M S H

Reedy Volunteer Fire DepartmentReedy(304) 927-3040 M S H

Renick Volunteer Fire DepartmentRenick(304) 497-2525 M S H

Reynoldsville Volunteer Fire DepartmentReynoldsville304-623-3754 M S H

Richwood Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Richwood(304) 846-4826 M S H

Ridgeley Vol. Fire Dept.Ridgeley(304) 738-8888 M S H

Ripley VFDRipley(304) 372-9271 M S H

River Road Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorgantown(304) 983-2000 M S H

Rivesville Volunteer Fire DepartmentRivesville304-278-7840 M S H

Roderfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentRoderfield304-436-3304 M S H

Romney Fire CORomney(304) 822-5141 M S H

Ronceverte Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Ronceverte304-647-5233 M S H

Route 34 VFDRed House(304) 586-9938 M S H

Rowlesburg VFDRowlesburg(304) 454-9551 M S H

Rupert VFDRupert(304) 392-5819 M S H

Salem Volunteer Fire DepartmentSalem304-782-3333 M S H

Salt Rock Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Salt Rock(304) 736-9724 M S H

Scotts Run Volunteer Fire DepartmentCassville304-328-5680 M S H

Seneca Rocks VFDSeneca Rocks(304) 567-2242 M S H

Servia Volunteer Fire DepartmentDuck304-364-8111 M S H

Sharples VFDSHARPLES(304) 369-2630 M S H

Shavers Fork Fire RescueSnowshoe(304) 572-5683 M S H

Shepherdstown Fire Dept, Inc.Shepherdstown(304) 876-2311 M S H

Shinnston Volunteer Fire DepartmentShinnston(304) 592-1851 M S H

Shirley Volunteer Fire DepartmentShirley304-758-2391 M S H

Short Creek VFD, Inc.Short Creek(304) 394-5200 M S H

Short Gap Volunteer Fire CompanyKeyser304-726-4388 M S H

Silverton Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Ravenswood(304) 273-5510 M S H

Sissonville-Millertown-Pocatalico-Guthrie Volunteer Fire DepartmentSissonville(304) 984-0674 M S H W

Sistersville VFDSistersville(304) 652-7131 M S H

Slanesville VFCSlanesville(304) 496-8411 M S H

Smithburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmithburg(304) 873-1493 M S H

Smithfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentSmithfield304-334-3642 M S H


Sophia Area Volunteer Fire DepartmentSophia304-683-3409 M S H

South Berkeley Volunteer Fire CompanyInwood304-229-5377 M S H W


South Fork VFD, Inc.Brandywine(304) 249-5216 M S H

Southern Jackson County VFDKenna(304) 372-4106 M S H

Spelter Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Spelter(304) 622-8256 M S H

Spencer Roane County Volunteer Fire DepartmentSpencer(304) 927-1099 M S H

Spruce River Volunteer Fire DepartmentJeffrey(304) 369-4761 M S H

St Albans Fire DeptSt Albans(304) 727-2253 M S H W

St. Joseph Volunteer Fire DepartmentProctor304-455-5206 M S H

St. Marys VFDSt Marys(304) 684-7122 M S H

Star City Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Star City(304) 599-1539 M S H

Stone Church Volunteer Fire DepartmentWheeling304-243-1571 M S H W

Stonewood Fire DepartmentStonewood(304) 622-1199 M S H

Summers County Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue SquadHinton(304) 466-2389 M S H

Summersville Fire DepartmentSummersville(304) 872-1350 M S H

Summit Park VFDClarksburg(304) 622-3363 M S H

Sutton VFDSutton(304) 765-7372 M S H

Sweet Springs Fire and RescueSweet Springs304-536-2376 M S H

Teays Valley Fire DepartmentScott Depot(304) 757-7075 M S H

Terra Alta Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.Terra Alta304-789-6660 M S H

Thomas Volunteer Fire Department IncThomas304-463-4260 M S H

Thornton Fire DeptThornton(304) 265-0300 M S H

Tornado VFDTornado(304) 727-9865 M S H

Town of Sophia Volunteer Fire DepartmentSophia(304) 683-9802 M S H

Triadelphia VFDTriadelphia(304) 547-5010 M S H

Tri-County Fire DeptAlderson(304) 445-2762 M S H

Tri-Towns Fire Co. #1, Inc.Piedmont(304) 355-2933 M S H

Triune-Halleck Volunteer Fire DepartmentMorgantown(304) 291-2880 M S H

Tunnelton VFDTunnelton(304) 568-2600 M S H

Tygart Valley Fire CompanyDailey(304) 338-2090 M S H

Tyler Mountain VFDCross Lanes(304) 776-7963 M S H W

Upper Laurel VFDGlen Fork(304) 294-4400 M S H

Upper West Fork Volunteer Fire DepartmentChloe(304) 655-7491 M S H

Uppertract VFDUpper Tract(304) 358-2939 M S H

Valley Grove Volunteer Fire DepartmentValley Grove304-547-0347 M S H

Valley Head Volunteer Fire DepartmentValley Head(304) 339-4343 M S H

Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentPleasant Valley(304) 363-5599 M S H

Valley Volunteer Fire DepartmentApple Grove304-576-2237 M S H

Van Volunteer Fire DepartmentVan(304) 245-8436 M S H

Verdunville Volunteer Fire DepartmentVerdunville(304) 752-4100 M S H

Vienna Volunteer Fire DepartmentVienna(304) 295-5652 M S H

Wadestown Community Volunteer Fire DepartmentWadestown304-662-6331 M S H

Walkersville Volunteer Fire DepartmentWalkersville(304) 452-8451 M S H W

Wallace Volunteer Fire DepartmentWallace(304) 796-4014 M S H

Walton Volunteer Fire DepartmentWalton(304) 577-6229 M S H

War VFDWar(304) 875-2244 M S H W

Washington Bottom Volunteer Fire DepartmentWashington304-861-0145 M S H W

Washington District Volunteer Fire CompanyTallmansville(304) 472-3762 M S H

Washington Lands Volunteer Fire DepartmentMoundsville(304) 845-6644 M S H

Waverly Volunteer Fire CompanyWaverly304-464-4320 M S H

Wayne Volunteer Fire DepartmentWayne(304) 272-5656 M S H

Webster Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentWebster Springs(304) 847-2301 M S H

Weirton Fire DepartmentWeirton(304) 797-8297 M S H W

Weirton Volunteer Fire Department Cove Company #2Weirton(304) 797-8585 M S H

Welch Volunteer Fire DepartmentWelch304-436-2111 M S H

Wells Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Wells802-645-0233 M S H

Wellsburg Volunteer Fire DepartmentWellsburg304-737-0313 M S H

West Hamlin VFDWest Hamlin(304) 824-7337 M S H

West Milford Community VFD Inc.West MIlford (304) 745-3355 M S H

West Side VFDSt Albans(304) 727-4750 M S H

West Union Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.West Union304-873-1391 M S H

Weston Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Weston(304) 269-2349 M S H

Wharton- Barrett Volunteer Fire DepartmentWharton(304) 247-6586 M S H

Wheeling Fire DepartmentWheeling(304) 234-3776 M S H

White Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire DepartmentWhite Sulphur Springs304-536-3991 M S H

Whitesville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Whitesville(304) 854-1197 M S H W

Whitmer VFDWhitmer(304) 227-4444 M S H

Wilderness Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.Mount Lookout(304) 872-6339 M S H

Wiley Ford VFDWiley Ford(304) 738-2120 M S H

Wileyville Volunteer Fire DepartmentWileyville304-889-2442 M S H

Williamson Fire DepartmentWilliamson304-235-5273 M S H

Williamstown VFCOWilliamstown(304) 375-3960 M S H

Windsor Heights Volunteer Fire DepartmentWindsor Heights(304) 394-5033 M S H

Winfield District Volunteer Fire DepartmentFairmont(304) 367-0162 M S H

Winfield Volunteer Fire DepartmentWinfield(304) 586-3221 M S H

Worthington VFDWorthington(304) 287-2845 M S H W


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